Meeting – Tuesday 2 March 2010

We enjoyed a fantastic meeting on the morning of Tuesday the 2nd of March. President Clinton opened with the apt quote from Winston Churchill “Never give in” which set up the theme for our meeting – Perseverance. Toastmaster Eric provided more inspiration with the analogy of the persevering Thomas Edison.

Bernadette kept us on our toes with an entertaining round of Table Topics.

We were treated to three prepared speeches during the formal part of the programme. Slick Steve strutted his salesman skills to good effect and delivered his first speech from the Advanced Communications manual with a persuasive retail pitch. Great stuff  Steve! As usual, Mervyn won over the audience with his impressive word arsenal and storytelling ability. His speech entitled “Stop burning – start living” was thought provoking and humourous. And with stirring emotion, President Clinton drove home the call for members to enter the prepared speech contest on Tuesday 16th March. Clinton’s skills are exemplary. Congratulations to all of our speakers!

Also, congratulations to our first-time guest John, who performed remarkably well, considering he was thrown into the deep end with two speaking opportunities. When faced with the table topic question “Gillette or Schick – which razor would you choose?” – John demonstrated true class. His spin on salary ‘raise’ was razor-sharp and showed his off-the-cuff wit. Well done John. We hope Toastmasters will provide you more opportunities to further enhance your strengths as a public speaker.

Despite dwindling numbers this week, members rose to the occasion and made the meeting a resounding success. Special thanks to Eric for a fantastic job as Toastmaster. Well done to all involved. We look forward to the next meeting  on Tuesday the 16th of March!


  • “Be like a posted stamp, stick to something until you get there.” – Josh Billings
  • “Victory belongs to the most persevering” – Napoleon
  • “There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile” – Proverb


  • Semi-annuals are due. Please contact Brenda.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday 16th March – International prepared speech contest for Central Park Toastmasters.

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