Meeting – 13 April 2010

Marieke launched today’s speaking assignments with a “tantalising” array of Table Topic subjects. In his evaluation Glenn commented on some great use of language such as Brian’s “Fame is a cruel master” and John’s impression of his beauty routine involving the quick application of his skin firming moisturiser.

For the prepared speeches, Clinton’s cry of “Freeeedommmm” was reminiscent of William Wallace. He went onto describe, in his unique entertaining and energetic way, his efforts to re-create the Friday feeling by starting Mondays with the Monday Morning Motivator.

Ben provided Clinton with a really well structured evaluation, complimenting him on a range of points including his body movement and use of rhetorical devices.

Steve faced the challenge of making an off the cuff speech but successfully entertained us for nearly 8 minutes on “Life at boarding school”. After a captivating build-up describing his arrival at boarding school he detailed some of the key lessons learned during his time and concluded saying that boarding school is a good option for students as it teaches them boundaries among other things.

During her evaluation of Steve, Bernadette mentioned that Steve’s use of pace and word-pictures really captured the atmosphere of boarding school.

Marlene took the opportunity to advise the club of the 7 Executive Office roles and described how they are an opportunity for personal development. She also detailed the nomination process as the roles are soon to be re-confirmed.

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