Meeting – Tuesday 27 April 2010

Commitment was the theme of this well run meeting by Glenn, our toastmaster for the day. We were honoured to welcome two guests, Mark and Steve, to the meeting and it was good to observe that our meeting role holders explained their roles for the benefit of our guests.

Because we only had 2 speakers, the table topics session was run as 2-min speeches. Jo had selected popular TV programs as topics to talk about.

We were treated to two interesting formal speeches – Joanne speaking to us about a very important topic in today’s economical climate. It was titled “Don’t let Credit Cards rule your life”. Marlene then talked to us about the pros and cons of Boxing, and finishing with a question and answer session on whether it should be banned as a sport.

Evaluators Marieke (for Joanne) and John (for Marlene) were warm and encouraging in recognising our speakers’ efforts whilst also assisting them by making some valuable observations by way of recommendations that will enhance their future speeches. General Evaluator, Mervyn, was lavish in his praise for a well-run meeting. He was also accurate and observant in coming up with some excellent recommendations for our role holders that will also improve and enhance future meetings.

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