Labour Weekend

Meeting – Tuesday 26 October 2010

Central Park  members celebrated the extended weekend with a fantastic meeting.  President Clinton provided some great historical facts on Labour Day and quotes to motivate the club for the working week.

Grammarian Marieke’s word of the day ‘Collide’ was utilised with impact during the meeting. Table topics master Glenn kept everyone on their toes with some classic goodies: Marlene defined what a real kiwi was, Brenda’s most prized possession was found in her relationships, Shaun would sell up for the States if he had to move outside of NZ, John’s favourite dinner guest could turn water into wine, Marieke shared some jewels on how to cope in a collapsed mine and Steve stode through strong to the finish line with his sports commentary.

Formal speeches got under way with Bernadettes’ stimulating seminar on learning styles: appealing to visual, kinaesthetic, auditory senses to communicate thoughts and ideas effectively. Jo’s interactive educational was a refreshing reminder on meeting the basics to keep us on ‘our game’ as Toastmasters. Special guest, Alan Bentley had us all in stitches when he humoured us with “This time the divorce is final” – his hilarious metophoric take on golf tournaments. Alan demonstrated why he is area champ for humourous speeches – he is a fantastic speaker! Well done Alan!

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