Happy New Year!

Meeting – Tuesday 18 January 2011

Central Park members engaged the first Toastmasters breakfast meeting with a hiss and a roar.

President Clinton ripped with trademark flair in his opening address and quoted Arnold H.Glasgow “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.”

We were then encouraged to use the words ‘motivation’ and ‘advantageous’ in our speaking roles by Clinton and David.

Brenda served up a spicy, fun round of table topics ranging from ‘Whether or not we were prepared for a natural disaster’ to ‘Whether setting New Year’s resolutions was a waste of time’.

During the formal progression we were presented with three speeches. First up was Simon. His first speech from the Competent Communications Manual ‘The Ice breaker’ was well delivered and sprinkled with personal traits of humour and wit. Well done Simon! For her seventh speech, Bernadatte ran an informative presentation on how ‘advantageous’ Spin Class can be. An energising speech which may evoke the rise of gym memberships in the coming weeks. Marlene stepped in to fill the third speaker slot at short notice. She inspired us all with the benefits of Toastmasters and the dividends that have paid off in her own life. Marlene has come a long way as a communicator and leader over the time she has been with the organisation and she continues to motivate others to find benefits in the programme for themselves.

What a motivational start to the year! We even had some new guests come along for a look today. We hope James, Nadene, Raj and Ruth found their time with us advantageous.

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