UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation

Edition 76 Monday February 7th 2011

By Clinton Jones, President Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

Hi, it would have been easy this weekend to ignore the events scheduled and play west coast hermit after what was a hectic short week. I ignored the urge and made the effort to support the friends and associates that had taken the time to organize events and invite me. I was so glad I did as things worked out perfectly in the end and I felt great about supporting people important to me and enjoyed their subsequent positive and happy reaction. I know the easy thing to do would have been to flag it but its often the simple little things we do that make the biggest difference to us and others in our lives … good lesson and reminder for me about time investment.

I was helping a good friend shift some furniture during the week and had my lap top stolen from the car in a busy inner city street while we were bringing a couch down from an upper apartment floor. I had left Harry the super hound in the car with the window down for him thinking surely no one would steal anything while this big black menacing looking dog was there … wrong. It would be fair to say we are only just on speaking terms and after hours of dog interrogation I am no closer to finding the perpetrator! (he probably licked the bandits hand and face while I was being robbed blind !).

I hope you had a great weekend plus looking forward to another huge week, cheers Jonesey!

Harry the waste of space watch dog reckons he can’t be blamed for an obvious lack of judgement call by the self proclaimed Jones family alpha male !!! (gggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Selling the Sizzle

“Communication is to relationships what breathing is to life” Ralph Smedley

Our success in life can be directly attributable to how effectively we communicate with other people. This adage applies equally to both our business and personal lives. The opening quote is by Ralph Smedley who founded the Toastmasters Organisation way back in 1924!

I spent time presenting on the weekend to a Toastmasters training seminar. It was a huge buzz for me to be invited to participate and a thrill to have the opportunity to make a difference to other like minded people.

I have been a Toastmaster for nearly 20 years, I joined the organisation because I wanted to develop my communication skills in order to be a better sales person, manager, parent, and partner. To be perfectly honest I also joined because I love the sound of my own voice quite a bit too (you always suspected but now you know !!).

Communication skills are learned and developed through the “use it or lose it” method, the more we prepare and present the better we get. Toastmasters provides a warm and supportive learning environment and equips members with the skill and confidence to succeed personally and in the business world. March 1-15th is Toastmasters fortnight in New Zealand, why not get along to your local club and see what all the fuss is about www.toastmasters.org.nz ,feel the fear and do it anyway!

“We all have butterflies in our stomach, toastmasters gets them flying in formation”

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