UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation

Edition 77 Monday February 14th 2011

By Clinton Jones, President Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

Hi, I was lucky enough to attend a concert this weekend where some talented young musicians with an obvious passion for their music wowed those of us privileged to attend. The average age of this group was 16-17 years and their performance was amazing, it was impossible not to be inspired by their raw talent, commitment and energy.

It felt good to be supporting an event that recognized this rising talent and all things good about the amazingly gifted young people we are surrounded by. It was obvious these kids were energized by the support, something I am sure gave them a huge buzz and encouragement for the future. In a world where they receive more than their share of negative publicity it was a positive change.

I also had a cool time on the Suzuki rocket ship ticking over the 20,000km mark for weekend freedom blasts. For those of you wondering, Maverick is still hopelessly in love and the Trumpet Daytona is lonely at home in the garage, sad but true!

I hope you had a great weekend with family and friends, have an awesome week … cheers Jonesey !

Harry is a happy hound having his brother home from Sydney and the lap top incident well buried … although no new evidence has come to light … surprise, surprise grrrrrrr.

Selling the Sizzle

“People buy what they want,when they want it more than the money it costs” Zig Ziglar

In todays competitive dog eat dog world the price we sell our products and services for is constantly under pressure and threat from our competitors. Our customers are looking for ways to cut their costs and make better margins themselves so they can compete and stay in business.

In this environment the hardest thing for us to all do is to keep our pricing at a level that ensures our owners and stakeholders get a return on the investment they have made in us and the companies we all work for ….I know I know you have heard it all before I am sure, why , because it is important!

So, how do we ensure there is still a buck in it for us?……by selling the sizzzzzzzzzzle of course instead of dropping prices and losing credibility and customers.  Here are some fundamental rules I regularly use to get around the price issue;

  • You must believe in your company and what you are selling with a passion, emotion sells.
  • Never match opposition pricing, think of ways to outsmart your competitors
  • Establish points of differentiation between you and competitors, what do you do best?
  • Don’t be worried about walking away from deals that don’t make you a buck
  • Build bigger stronger, closer relationships with your customers

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten”  Gucci family slogan

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