Be pro-active!

Meeting – Tuesday 15 February 2011

What a splendiferous meeting indeed! (That fancy word compliments of our grammarian Warwick ‘The Wordsmith’ Sextus ).

Marlene facilitated and led the meeting by example, exuding professionalism and confidence in her delivery as a seasoned Toastmaster. The theme of the meeting was ‘Pro-activity’ and all members were encouraged this morning to be pro-active in all facets of life.

President Clinton boosted this theme in his address by quoting Grace Murray Hopper who is accredited for saying:

“It is often easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

Hearts were racing as Jo ‘The match-maker’ Sutherland ran a refreshing and novel spin on Table Topics – a blind date game show on the back of Valentine’s Day. Contestants (both willing and unwilling) were selected to win the heart of 23 year old sales executive ‘Sasha’ (portrayed convincingly in a wavering falsetto by a long-legged Samoan beauty – nice one Ben!). Each of them had to present a 60 second spiel on why they should be picked for a date. ‘Big Foot’ Dave charmed with some ‘big promises’ including a big mansion next to a big beach, Steve ‘T’ for testosterone offered wild rides on his Harley Davidson – but Warwick, in the end, won the sympathy vote for having no arms (awww) and a sad story about living with his mother, a herd of cats and a collection of war figurines.

During the formal part of the programme, President Clinton presented an excellent educational on how to give the gift of growth – the gift of evaluation. His objectives were to teach us how to give effective evaluations through the art of listening, how to structure the feedback as a mini-speech with an opening, body and close, and to inspire us all to enter the club evaluation competition which is coming up on March 1st.

Congratulations to Brenda Newth on her 10th speech which qualifies her for the Competent Communicator (CC) Award. In her inspirational speech she asked us “Why not run a Marathon?”. Eloquent and articulate, her words were picture perfect.

She gave us some interesting insights into the history of the Marathon from ancient Greece. Brenda also drew on personal experience to endorse the benefits of training for a marathon. Well done Brenda!

Finally, the towering David Raven delivered his Icebreaker (again) in gigantic proportions. His speech “BIG is GOOD!” was an entertaining look at David’s early years growing up…(and up and up…). His natural stage presence and humour always connects with the audience and gets people laughing at the right places. A talented member of the club, David will go a long way in his Toastmasters career.

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