UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation

First published 28 February
by Clinton Jones, President of Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

Hi, there isn’t one of us that wont be affected in one way or other by the recent devastation and tragedy in Christchurch. Some have family, some have friends directly involved whilst others like me are totally blown away by the damage, the suffering, the despair, the courage, the strength and the heroics of the past week.

What a wake up call for us all about life , for me it reinforced and reminded that we don’t have an absolute right to be here. We are here but for the grace of God and we need to be grateful not complacent or arrogant about that.We talk a lot about the importance of family and friends and for making time in our lives for them. We talk a lot about goals and having direction and purpose in our lives. However it is not until things like the events of the last week do we realize that life is not a rehearsal. It is the real thing, the time clock is ticking and we need to make the most of every minute because sadly you never know which one could be your last or that of a loved one.

Rest homes are full of people with regrets, time to use recent events as a positive influence on you and yours so that you don’t join them one day. This may sound harsh and unfeeling but I believe apart from offering our emotional and financial support to our fellow New Zealanders we also owe it to them to make more of our lives while we can. I plan to use recent events in the South Island to inspire and motivate me to do more of the things I am too fond of just talking about getting round to!

I hope you took time on the weekend to catch up with family and friends and to say a prayer for those battling away to deal with challenge and adversity in the South………Cheers Jonesey Harry the ace rescue dog is ready for the call up should he be required.

Selling the Sizzle

 “When someone says “life is hard” ask them “compared to what?” Cameron Brown(Ironman)

We talk a lot about competition, price, recession and other stuff we obsess about and think affects  us in business and selling …..but do we have that much to complain about really???.

When you consider the huge challenges faced by our colleagues in Canterbury I think you will agree our issues pale into insignificance. This says to me that our issues are not that great in the bigger scheme of things and we should all face reality and grab an O.A.R. at our place and start paddling flat out. The acronymn O.A.R. standing of course for us all accepting Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for our situation and making the best of it rather than lying in our own B.E.D. Blaming others, making Excuses and Denying we are part of the problem. Time to accept we have a major role in working out solutions to our own problems rather than expecting others to do that for us.

Cantabrians have no choice, all those fit and able are grabbing an OAR bending their back in support of each other in this time of crisis. They are a shining light of example to the rest of us, many of whom are like minded but may have become complacent about what is required on an ongoing basis to succeed and continually grow and improve……..wake up call NZ…………keep pushing!

“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die or when. You can decide how you’re going to live.  Now !……… Joan Baez

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