UPBEAT – Communication is to relationships what breathing is to life

Keeping up with the Joneses

UPBEAT Edition 82 – First published 21 March 2010
Clinton Jones, Centralpark Toastmasters President

Hi, “Clinton Jones…you are a triathlete!”, yes ladies and gentlemen the mid life crisis tri career has been officially launched! On Sunday I woke at sparrows and joined hundreds of others at Maraetai in East Auckland as a perfect day for destroying old bodies, reputations and ego’s dawned.

The water was crystal clear and flat calm as the hooter heralded the frenzied start of the swim. 500 frantic metres later I emerged like a creature from the deep making my way awkwardly like a fish out of water,a tad disoriented, trying desperately to remember where I had racked my bike! Having perfected my wetsuit skin peel last week I was soon cleeted unnervingly to the bike pedals cranking along trying to remember the expert advice I had about the 20km cycle? It went something like 5km spinning, 5km building, 5km sprinting, 5km spinning and above all stay hydrated. Well, I forgot it all but can confirm my head and both wheels were definitely spinning and I was thirsty! Having disregarded this advice led to an amusing transistion from bike to run as I fell over and then wobbled along like rubberman unable to feel my legs for most of the 5km run!

Apart from the varying degrees of panic (and pain) I was in from start to finish the day was an adrenaline pumping buzz and I will never forget the feeling of total euphoria at having finished my first event. It was a great experience and one I plan to repeat again at Mission Bay next month once the feeling returns to all my muscle groups! I hope you all had a happy weekend, Cheers Jonesey!

Harry the hound had a happy weekend running riot with Oscar and Kate staying over!

Selling the sizzle

“My father gave me these hints on speech making: Be sincere…be brief…be seated.”   James Roosevelt

I have always believed that the level of success in our business or private lives can be directly attributable to how effectively we communicate with other people. This might sound obvious but how often do you hear people say the biggest problem at work or home is ‘lack of communication’. This can be between departments, divisions, branches, management and customers at work or between family members at home. So how do we improve our communication skills?…

I have always liked the sound of my own voice so I joined Toastmasters 20 years ago, what I didn’t realise was that this organisation teaches you to listen twice as much as you speak (a good skill to have at work and at home don’t you agree?). Toastmasters was foundered in 1924, there are thousands of clubs all over the world including hundreds meeting here in New Zealand every week.

I am on my Toastmasters soap box again because last week we organised and ran a demonstration meeting to showcase our club to guests and prospective members. The meeting came at the end of an extensive 2 week Toastmasters advertising campaign that generated unprecedented interest nationwide. NOW is a good time to look up your closest local club and find out what the excitement is all about. Take a positive step toward overcoming one of the biggest fears people openly admit to having, the fear of public speaking. Along the way you will improve your communication and leadership skills whilst meeting like minded, motivated people that will enhance your career and private lives, CRIKEY what are you waiting for visit a club this week!

“Communication is to relationships what breathing is to life” Virginia Satir

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