UPBEAT – Word of Mouth

UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation
Edition 85 – First published Monday 11 April 2011
Clinton Jones, President of Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

It was ‘Man versus Wild’ West Coast style as my son Mark headed off last week into the Woodhill Forest. After living and working for the last 5 years in Melbourne and Sydney it was time to get ‘feral’ survivor style. 

So accompanied by that renowned watch dog (not), trusty hound, best friend and experienced hunting bush hound (not) Harry Jones, they set off into the abyss. Against the advice of family, friends and Jim Hickey the weather man they remained determined. Off they headed into the icy south-westerly gale force winds and pitch black darkness the self-taught compass expert with his fearless hound! Many smoko breaks later, they set up camp and feasted in their bivouac on a banquet of precooked sausages, cheese slices, homemade rocky road and easter eggs! 

An amazing adventure unfolded as they encountered two deer and a boar (don’t know who was more surprised!) as they proceeded to survive without having to form an alliance or vote each other off the island! Sure, short of a Starbucks, Woodhill is pretty well sign posted and tracked but still freaky dark at night. Armed with an endless supply of glow sticks and lighters our intrepid feral trampers felt the fear, ignored the search and rescue advice and emerged from the bowels of the forest triumphant, having done it anyway! Two more Joneses to keep up with! 

I hope you had an equally adventurous and successful week with friends and family, cheers Jonesey. 

Harry the ‘feral’ hound slept all weekend recovering from his visit to ‘survivor’ forest !

Selling the Sizzle

“ Word Of Mouth is the most powerful form of advertising and promotion” Zig Ziglar

In November last year, our ‘greenpea’ company won a project that just kept getting bigger. The contract went over a weekend and we committed extra resource and staff to the job to make sure the work got done. Our team went the extra mile by working around the clock for our customer.

Our competitors chose not to work out of hours or over the weekend so we ended up securing the majority of the work and the revenue from the project. You may recall this was the job that Harry and I jumped in a truck to drive as part of our team on the Saturday night.

So why am I telling you about this again? Because the impact of going the extra mile for our customer that night and the word of mouth advertising and referrals we have had from it are still rolling in.

In a perfect example last week, we were invited to tender for what will be the biggest project this year in our industry. Originally we were told that we would not be invited to tender this work, however, as a result of a referral directly linked back to the November project, we now find ourselves with a chance.

There have been several other opportunities won as a direct result of relationships formed and built via referrals from our customer who was so impressed with our commitment to exceeding their expectations that weekend in November.

See how important it is to have a team of people that will go the extra mile for your business. It is not only critical for the success of any project but of the company itself. Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on all forms of advertising electronic and print but if they don’t have the people on the ground to deliver on that advertising promise that money is wasted. Repeat business is gained when customers are dazzled with quality service to the point where they are motivated to recommend your services to others. This opens previously locked doors to opportunities most never know about until it is too late. It is often not what you know but who you know and getting to know these people often happens through ‘word of mouth’.

Good people going the extra mile are the most valuable asset of any business, make sure you are one of them for your company.

“There are no traffic jams when you go the extra mile” Harry Jones Green Gorilla Bins Ltd

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