The Power of Positive Thinking

Meeting – Tuesday 12 April

What a way to start the morning! There’s something special that happens when a group of geared-up, like-minded Toastmasters turn up to the Danish House in Penrose every second Tuesday. And this morning was no exception.

The theme was all about positive thinking – and Captain Steve T did a fantastic job at the helm as Toastmaster to foster a positive experience for all in attendance.

Grammarian Simon provided us with the word of the day “indomitable” which was aptly used four times by Ruth on her debut.

Table topics were all topical (positivity) and presented with top notch attitude and good composure as Warwick, Nadene, Mohammed, Nick and John stepped up to the mark.

Ruth delivered a beautifully crafted speech entitled “Tapestry of Life – the Power of Positive Thinking” and she wove together rich experiences to give us an engaging and fascinating look at her life. We learnt about her illustrious career in the airline industry, her life growing up in the Wairarapa and her travels abroad. It was an impressive first Icebreaker speech. We look forward to more speeches from Ruth.

Joanne had the room resound with laughter as she delivered her ninth speech from the Competent Communicators Manual. She appealed to everyone to adopt her viewpoint on laughter and did a wonderful job at doing it. “Laugh and the whole world will laugh with you.” Joanne made us all think about being “better and not bitter” and to value the importance of laughter in our lives. Well done Joanne.

Dave ‘big is good’ Raven used his stage presence and comedic timing to great effect. His ‘golf club for a spade’ experience at a recent golf tournament was absolutely hilarious. David has the natural ability to make plenty of what Joanne spoke of earlier, laughter. He is an engaging speaker and a serious contender for the international humorous contest if he chooses to enter. Fantastic speech!

All our speeches this morning were evaluated by Glenn, Clinton and Jo respectively. All three set the standard when it comes to evaluations. Thanks guys!

Also, many thanks to the meticulous Marieke for keeping everyone to time and to our lovely general evaluator Marlene for a thorough report at the conclusion of what was a positively charged meeting.
See you at the next one!

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