True Commitment

Meeting – Tuesday 26 April 2011

The difference between ‘involvement’ and ‘commitment’ is like an eggs-and-ham breakfast: the chicken was ‘involved’ – the pig was ‘committed’. 

Brenda’s commitment to organising our meeting was unquestionable, having just flown in from her honeymoon in the U.K. a few days ago.  Even if there was fatigue from her travels, there was certainly no sign of jet lag as Brenda dealt with last minute changes to the agenda with great composure.

Also in impressive form was Ruth, who shared the grammatical gold from the Toastmasters mine of winning words. She gave us “Tenacious” as the hot word of choice and quoted from an interesting documentary on the Maori Battalion “…obnoxious weeds of rage growing in their minds.” 

Warwick led the political push with a twist on table topics.  He invited his fellow ministers to the floor to share on their policies:

  • Minister of Sports & Tourism, John –  on relocating the Rugby World Cup party central to Otara KFC
  • Minister of Police, Simon – on sex changes to male prisoners
  • Minister of Finance, Nadene – on raffling off Waiheke Island
  • Minister of Conservation, Mohammed – on opening D.O.C. land to excavate pirate treasure
  • Minister of Transport, Nick – on building a ramp for vehicles to jump the harbour crossing
  • Minister of Agriculture, Ben – capitalising on the farming of kiwi (meat and feathers)
  • Minister of Defence, Joanne – on aircraft carrier business

A fresh and innovative approach to Table Topics – great campaign work Warwick! 

After a generous breakfast break, Toastmasters were mesmerised in the second half by Clinton’s moving ANZAC tribute.  His speech, entitled “Scary” was delivered off the cuff at short notice with emotive power and wonderful word pictures.  A fantastic speech from Clinton.

Our good friend Rhonda, a former Central Park member, was back at the club to share her experiences as AMI call centre manager and the drama that unfolded when the Christchurch Earthquake hit. Great to see you Rhonda!

Brenda rose to the occasion and took the third speaker’s slot without any prep time. She spoke eloquently about all the exciting changes during the first quarter of the year, including getting married, buying and selling a house and of course, the recent O.E. to the U.K. 

Our evaluators relayed positive and constructive feedback to the club, which is vital for the growth and development of all members. Special thanks to Jo for evaluating table topic speakers, Ben for Clinton’s speech and Eric for the general meeting.  Armed with a stopwatch and flashing lights, Steve.D fulfilled the Time Keeper’s role with gusto and precision to keep the meeting in order.

What a great meeting!  Looking forward to our next one in a fortnight’s time which will be chaired by Joanne.  Till then, be tenacious about life and committed to growth.

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