A little help from my friends

Meeting – 10 May 2011

A good friend will bail you out of jail. A best friend will sit next to you and say “Mate, we stuffed up”

What would we do without our friends? A spirit of friendship and commonality enveloped Central Parkers this morning as we enjoyed each other’s company and the opportunity to hear some wonderful speeches.

Marlene performed a class job opening the meeting on behalf of Clinton at short notice. A true testament to the leadership development opportunities available through Toastmasters.

Our radiant Joanne followed by showing passion and confidence at the front as Toastmaster Chair. She ran a well organised meeting, sprinkled some delightful phrases on friendship and kept everyone smiling from ear to ear. Keep it up Joanne!

John introduced ‘vociferate’ to our word quiver and added a good measure of fun and personality to the grammarian role.

Nick hosted the impromptu speaking stage with some teasing table topics for Ruth, Nadene and Simon. Well done to all involved. There’s nothing like being thrown in the deep end to speak off the cuff. Excellent responses by every participant, and some equally good feedback from their evaluators, Marlene and David.

After a light-hearted catchup around the breakfast bench, our Time keeper cracked the whip to rally us back to the formalities. Expert stop-watch skills from Bernadette this morning. Flawless!

During the formal part of the programme, special guest Allan Bentley retold a folk tale favourite from ancient China.
We were captivated right from the beginning. In a classic story about understanding and tolerance,”The Half Cracked Pot” left us with a message to ponder. Overall, excellent delivery – it had all the makings of an effective speech! Many thanks to Allan for his valued contribution.

Eric was a beacon of hope when he spoke of his daughter Emily with courage and conviction. Powerful, personal and poignant. A moving speech which had some of us in tears. Eric showed admirable strength of character as he shared about some of his darkest days for his family and the most difficult of challenges. Thank you Eric.

Last up, we had Steve D working it without a sweat, with his humourous views on gym junkies. A motivational speech, especially for the fitness freaks and fans in the club. Well done mate – fantastic effort!  A great speech which drew some great feedback from our president Clinton (who in his trialthlete peak must’ve ran to our meeting from West Auckland when he experienced some car tyre trouble – legend!).

Also fulfilling evaluator roles this morning was Ben for Allan’s speech and Jo for Eric’s. Lovely work!  Brenda was in fine form as she wrapped everything up nicely at the end as general evaluator.   Thanks to all of our evaluators for sharing the gift of growth this morning!

Wow! Another marvellous meeting for the friends of Central Park and it was certainly our pleasure to have Ken (Jo’s guest)  join us for the first time. See you all in a fortnight amigos!

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