Rest, relax, revitalise

UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation
Edition 90 – First published Monday 16 May 2011
Clinton Jones, President of Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

Hi, nothing beats getting out of town for the weekend no matter where and how, it is a buzz heading away “looking for adventure and whatever comes your way”. Scheduling regular annual leave has never been my strong point but I have made a conscious effort to rectify that recently. The much anticipated trip to the Coromandel was worth waiting for, delivering an overdose of R,R&R (rest, relaxation and revitalisation).  Some key tips for keeping up with the Joneses in this area:

  1. To get the most out of a weekend away one needs to take annual leave either Friday, Monday or both to organise to get there/back in a leisurely and relaxed manner.
  2. Plan in advance to get the best rates, and more importantly to give yourself something to look forward to.
  3. Plan time to do nothing, take books. If taking family schedule time for rest, time for you.
  4. Don’t talk about it…do it, make it happen no matter how simple or basic.Some of the cheapest least complicated options are often the best.
  5. As one break finishes , plan the next (aim for a quarterly break at least).

As if to justify or reinforce this philosophy I got home Sunday night to the news that an old football team mate the same age as me had passed away on Friday night ! We never know when our number is up so it is important to do the things you want NOW while you can.

I hope you had an equally relaxing or adventurous weekend with family and friends, cheers Jonesey.

Harry the Westie hound missed the holiday cut but reckons the East Coast is overrated! He was also blown away by the feedback on his photo attached to last week’s edition, thanks!

Selling the Sizzle

“You cant turn the clock back but you can wind it up again” Bonnie Pruden

We talk a lot about selling techniques, philosophies and how to apply the various ways and means to achieve the ultimate or desired sales and business deal outcomes.

Whilst this is important , relevant, and useful what this weekend has reinforced for me is the need for regular R,R&R (rest, relaxation and revitalisation) to enable me to be at my best.

I didn’t realise how run down and tired I was until I got away for the weekend. I got more sleep in one weekend than I do in nearly a week! I was exhausted doing absolutely nothing, books I was reading ended up spread across my face as I fell asleep trying to read them ! The more sleep I got the more I seemed to need? I never enjoyed doing nothing without feeling guilty more in my life, it felt great. It was funny telling those who asked about what I did on holiday that I did “nothing” for three days !

Crikey my batteries were flat , talk about a wake up call and a timely reminder of the importance of a number of things:

  1. Scheduling regular annual leave is essential if we are to perform at peak.
  2. The need for daily rest, accepting that I am not Superman and that the more sleep each day the better I will be
  3. Not to feel guilty for doing nothing.
  4. Making time for me.
  5. Reading
  6. Action not words, making it happen.

I felt great after the weekend away, batteries recharged and raring to go. I couldn’t help thinking how much more effective I could be as a partner, manager, father, triathlete and overall as a person with extra energy, vitality and fuel in the tank.

I know of a lot of people in the same position who survive on a minimal amount of sleep, who don’t schedule regular leave and who think they are superhuman! Well take it from one who has realised albeit better late than never that this is not the case and that sooner or later it catches up with all of us. Some of us are lucky enough to do something about it, others are not that fortunate.

So if you  want to make sure you can ‘sell the sizzle’ you need to make sure you have plenty of gas in the BBQ bottle and a bright spark to ignite it with every day! Following the steps above is a good start! Good luck, have a great week in the field chasing those opportunities!

“Triumph is the extra “umph” added to the “try”!  Wayne Bennett (Famous footy coach)

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