An auspicious occasion – 24 May 2011

Meeting – Tuesday 24 May 2011

Enthusiasm – a little something that makes a big difference

Enthused and energetic. Some of us may have not felt that way, waking up to the thick wintry fog this morning – but the majority certainly left that way at the end of our meeting. The moment we were greeted at the front door by one of our chirpy Toastmasters, how could we have not felt anything but enthused? Great, warm welcome by the doorman to set the mood – thank you Eric!

There was enough enthusiasm at Central Park this morning to power a small city. A super-charged Steve D kept things flowing nicely at the front. He was diligent in preparing for the Toastmaster role and facilitated a smooth, well organised programme.

Marlene conducted the Annual Business Meeting for the club and opened the floor for nominations to the Executive Committee. After a swift round of voting, the following members were elected to represent for the upcoming term:

  • President – Marlene
  • Treasurer/VP Education – Brenda
  • VP Membership – Eric
  • VP Public Relations – Jo
  • Sergeant of Arms – John
  • Secretary – Ben

In her role as grammarian, Jo gave us the word of the day (‘auspicious’) and kept her ears open for winning word usage by club members.

Ruth put our impromptu speaking skills to the test with an eclectic mix of table topics. Steve T said “yes” to pole dancing as a sport at the olympic games, Brenda shared her thoughts on whether diamonds were a “girl’s best friend”, John recommended buying flowers for that special someone on every other day but Valentines, Warwick made his views clear regarding an ACT- Mana party coalition (send them all ‘holidaying’ on a boat) and Eric vouched for the stage presence and abilities of PM John Key – the singing sensation. Many thanks to the evaluators from “The John and Ben show” for presenting some useful feedback for our speakers.

After the break, Bernadette addressed the club with her 10th and final speech from the Competent Communicators manual. She spoke about the rare qualities of precious stones and how they can shape our perspectives on life. Some inspirational gems for all of us to think about. Congratulations Bernadette! Best wishes and farewell from all of us at the club as you move on to your next exciting phase in life. All the best!

Mohammed delivered his first ice breaker speech in fine form. We learned a lot about his kiwi culture journey – from the emotional departure at Nadi airport to landing his first job in Auckland. After more than 30 years later, he’s still passionate about this land. Well done Mohammed. Looking forward to hearing more of the ‘New Zillund’ accent and experience in future speeches.

Nick also presented his ice breaker speech. He shared some of his personal moments when he was faced with the fear of speaking in public. From primary school to university, from his friend’s wedding to his own wedding, whenever he was asked to speak, he would freeze and go blank. Judging by his audience appeal, his confidence and style of delivery, one would never know that public speaking was a difficulty for him. Fantastic speech Nick! You’re in the right place for developing your speaking skills further. Keep it up!

Loads of applause to our evaluators for a solid performance all round. Marlene for Bernadette, Warwick for Mohammed and Glenn for Nick. Excellent feedback for everyone to learn from. Also additional praises for Clinton who evaluated the meeting in its entirety, our timer Nadene who ensured everything was ticking along to schedule, the unwavering “grandfather-to-be” John for replenishing our caffeine levels and to Glen and Dave for stepping up for the final words of wisdom. Awesome stuff!

Well, what a way to start a Tuesday morning! It was definitely an auspicious occasion for all. Thanks to our guests Jelena (Yelena) and Ken for coming along to see Central Park in action. Hope to see you again next time. Till then, here’s a quote to fuel your thinking…

For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough.

– Zig Ziglar

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