Teamwork makes the dream work

Meeting – Tuesday 7 June 2011

There is no ‘I’ in team – nor in Central Park!

Full credit belongs to the Central Park team for taking the field with force on Tuesday morning!  The stage was set for a great display of public speaking and what a joy it was to witness. Smooth running overall thanks to Captain Brenda who led the side with strong communication and organisational skills at the front.

Clinton was also in impressive form, opening the presidential address with a dramatic mini speech set in the late 1950s. He spoke about the national schools rowing champs and described the gut wrenching moments with vivid clarity when the Kings college team crossed the line in first place with one man down. It was an epic way to kick off the teamwork theme.

Grammarian Ben presented the word of the day (premonish – to warn beforehand) and reported back on notable uses of the English language during the meeting.

Table Topics master Glenn Lucas took us on a ride in his time machine. This was his first “quantum leap” into table topics (way to go Glenn!). We all enjoyed traveling back to pivotal moments in history that were to be relived or changed for the better. Hats off to Clinton, Eric, Mohammed, Steve D and Ben for their participation.  Also to our evaluators – Steve D and David – the Little and Large combo from Hire Quip (for all your hire equipment needs…).

After the break, David gave into the pressure of filling the vacant speaker slot at short notice but did not buckle during his performance. He spoke confidently about peer pressure and its many forms. “Just say no!” was the key message for everyone to take away. As we’ve all come to expect from David, a delightful and humorous speech.

Next up was Simon, who strutted his stuff with sparkle and opened up the world of dance to us with his speech “Dance like no one’s watching”. A fascinating snapshot of west coast swing and modern jive and an informative guide to the benefits of dance. Way to step up Simon!

Warwick captivated us with his Jaws-dropping tale about sharks and overcoming his fear of the water. His personal experiences were entertaining and inspiring. Using super storytelling skills he encouraged us to overcome our own fears. A winning speech from Warwick!

The formal speeches were then followed up by Eric, Steve T and John with excellent evaluations. Always good to share the gift of growth for the benefit of another team-mate. Well done!

What a great meeting!  Thanks to the whole team for making it such a success. Special thanks to Marlene for keeping the meeting running to time and for Glenn F for wrapping up with a fantastic overview of the meeting. Great teamwork people! See you all at the next meeting – same time, same place!

“Great teamwork is the only way we create the breakthroughs that define our careers.” Pat Riley

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