UPBEAT – Setting the Example

UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation
Edition 94 – First published Monday 13 June 2011
Clinton Jones, President of Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

Hi, I am a hoarder from way back I think I inherited this from my dad who was always and still is reluctant to throw anything out! I have combined my passion for hoarding with a love for wheeling and dealing.

To this end I have a fixation for buying and selling on trademe. I am particularly interested in buying rugby memorabillia and selling anything I get sick of or pick up that I think has a resale value. I get a huge buzz out of both buying and selling and seldom don’t have anything listed for sale or on my watch list to buy. I figure everyone needs to have a passion ,interest or obsession and mine is hoarding,collecting or selling.

I recently sold a large black buoy I found on our local beach for an undisclosed sum, I figured it was worth it after nearly killing myself recovering it and lugging it home ! Then I was able to save the future of full size cardboard cutouts of the legendary Sean Fitzpatrick and Zinzan Brooke from remaining in the hands of South Islanders by outbidding all comers to bring them home to Auckland for the Rugby World Cup (for an undisclosed sum !) I now have full life size cut outs of Dan the man Carter, Grizz Wylie, Captain Fantastic Richie McCaw and Zinny/Fitzy in my gym at home (scary in the dark when you forget they are there!). Such a buzz! Its so much fun bidding on or running an auction, if you havent done it before, have a go!

Crikey , tough going for Blues supporters with loss # 4 on the trot, time to step up boys (yeah right).

Thank you for the encouraging feedback from last weeks ‘Upbeat’. On the back of this I watched the movie “The Kings Speech”,a great endorsement for the need to effectively communicate,check it out.

We had a cool weekend catching up with family and friends, hope you did too. Cheers Jonesey

Harry the hound is over the Blues and says the sooner I am the better!(yeah right).

Selling the Sizzle

“The standard you set is the one you choose to walk past” Fulton Hogan

I had a ‘minties moment’ Friday when I slipped and fell on a wet, slippery underground supermarket carpark surface. I was lucky not too hurt myself but got a big fright and smashed a number of bottles as the liquid supplies and contents therein went sprawling across the surface with me.

Once I had recovered from the embarrassment, shock and laughter/lack of assistance and fumes I cleaned up the mess and felt sorry for myself whilst considering what to do next.
Ordinarily I would have accepted the blame for being uncoordinated and clumsey and either re purchased the broken goods or disappeared embarrassed and angry with myself for being a dipstick.

However the Health and safety side of me urged me to take action! So I approached the manager to make her aware of the hazard the wet surface presented to customers. To her credit she was apologetic and agreed that the surface was a problem and one they needed to do something about. She also conceded that she and a number of her staff had also slipped previously. I suggested at the very least they put signs up warning customers of the hazard. She agreed to take some immediate action and without prompting duly replaced all the smashed items in my bag (Foodtown).

Imagine if I had not said anything and done what I guess so many of us would have done and accepted we were at fault and to harden up and get on with it?  Who knows how many people have slipped over and smashed stuff or hurt themselves previously and not said or done anything?

This experience relates directly to the quote above from Fulton Hogan who encourage all their staff to report rather than ignore safety hazards. Clearly anything you see and know is wrong but choose to ignore is something you are accepting is ok. Yes we live in an over legislated and PC world but common sense needs to prevail. In my case I am glad I said something, I feel good that I have contributed to making a difference by doing so. Too many of us accept rather than challnege things these days, time to preserve standards by pushing back and taking a stand. Good luck with that.

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing”. Albert Schweitze

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