Networking – who you know and who knows you.

UPBEAT – Monday Morning Motivation
Edition 95 – First published Monday 20 June 2011
Clinton Jones, President of Central Park Toastmasters

Keeping up with the Joneses

Hi, the hairs on the back of my neck stood to attention and the tips of my fingers tingled as we waited in anticipation early Saturday afternoon. We weren’t alone as thousands of others crammed, pushed and jockeyed for position to share the same experience. The annual Auckland Grammar (AGS) vs Kings College (KC) First XV match has a history that dates back 115 years. The two sides have met an amazing 196 times over that period. Hundreds of pupils past and present, parents and supporters from each school welcomed their respective teams to the AGS #1 field.

Two blood curdling hakas were performed on the field by large groups of boys from each school. The tradition, passion and excitement was infectious and moving. Beamed live to ‘rugby channel’ viewers an amazing game unfolded where the lead see-sawed and the result was in doubt to the very last seconds when unbelievably the visitors snatched victory from the jaws of certain defeat. It was the type of match that restores ones faith in ‘our’ game through a traditional rivalry that has stood the test of time.

As an ex-coach of the KC side I was particularly proud that one of my former players was now coaching KC and a number of others were at the game supporting. It was also good to see a number of AGS supporters and past players fervently doing the same.

I know ruggers and sport isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and there is probably more to life but it is hard to go past the rich life tapestry woven over time by this traditional rivalry. It was certainly a welcome and positive diversion for all from the recent negative and tragic KC press

I hope you managed to have an equally memorable weekend with family and friends, cheers Jonesey!

Harry the hound was pampered at ‘Nose to Tail’ (dog car wash!). We went for the full works including the blow dry and a new silver food bowl, Scooby Doo eat your heart out !

Selling the Sizzle

It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know and who knows you that makes all the difference”.
Bob Burg

This weekends experience at the First XV footy game reminded me how important the ‘old school tie’ network is. This network is clearly alive and well if my observations are anything to go by. Many prominent ex pupils of each school were in attendance amongst groups of friends and colleagues.

Every school has an ‘old boy and girl’ network among which there are ‘movers and shakers’ who have influence or have worked their way to prominence in the world of Industry and Commerce. You don’t have to have attended posh private schools to be able to use your ‘old school ‘ network to your advantage. We tend to lose touch with people we went to school with after having formed close and special bonds with our year groups, class, and team mates. These are bonds that are formed for life, they are loyalties that are built and trust that is earned not given lightly.

So it makes sense to use this network to refer and be referred to as we work our way through life. Detractors say the old school network can limit competition and create a ‘closed shop’ in some cases? I say that if you can use this network to give yourself an advantage over competitors then why not? Often ‘who we know’ rather than ‘what we know’ makes all the difference. I don’t make enough of the large network of contacts I have so I went looking for a way to do something about that…

I discovered a networking site called it is the business/professional person’s Facebook. It does exactly what its name says by linking you to old school and business associates. It is a powerful worldwide network site that can assist you to grow your business contact base. You can join/register for free and it is amazing how quickly you can build and develop a network of contacts…so what are you waiting for? I look forward to connecting with you soon. Good luck.

“Position yourself as a center of influence – the one who knows the movers and shakers. People will respond to that, and you’ll soon become what you project”. Bob Burg

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