Let’s be honest…

Meeting – Tuesday 19 July 2011

Honesty is the best policy and this week’s theme for Central Parkers!

Glenn F displayed mastery of facilitation and influence as toastmaster this morning. He was absolutely exemplary in all aspects of speaking and kept things rolling nicely (and honestly). Speaking of honesty – he left us with a fantastic quote passed down in his family “Would you like to know or would you prefer to stay happy?”. Classic!

Now the only unanswered question from Glenn’s meeting was… who arrived to the meeting first this morning? The All-hail-Holden extraordinaire or the Ford-for-life ambassador? Does anyone know?

Word of the day – Brenda may have broken the record for the number times a single word has been used in a meeting. Our grammarian picked a winner alright – Skulduggery. A nice ‘contradiction’ to this week’s theme…

Table topics kept everyone open and honest for 60 seconds. Table topics master Ben grilled some of our seemingly sweaty-palmed hopefuls – but even our new guests Stephen B and Tony H seemed unfazed. Stephen influenced the audience early on with the engaging question “True or false?” – even managed to help sway the new room layout (nice one!). Stephen is a skilled speaker and has contributed some valuable feedback to the club. Tony shared his vulnerability with the club by letting us in on one of his weaknesses – a superb table topic by a skilled and polished presenter. Scarf-wrapped Jeremy braved the wintery chills and appealed to the audience with “Let’s be honest…”, Simon donned the reporter’s hat for a Rupert Murdoch exclusive, John shed some light on the café business and Clinton shed some kilos (and lots of them apparently) to testify on the age-old mystery “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?”.

Brilliant line up of speakers this morning. Glenn L literally roared like a Lion at the beginning of his ice breaker “Magnificent Me” and continued to resound throughout his hearty performance – well done Glenn! Joanne captivated us with some inspired pearls of wisdom from Socrates and spoke about the desire for success and the glory of overcoming great difficulty. It has been amazing to see Joanne’s growth in confidence – well done on achieving your tenth speech! Ruth the raconteur completed the speaker stage with a story about her nana – one we could all relate to. A heart warming tribute to someone very special. Ruth is a naturally-gifted and engaging storyteller with a wealth of experience to draw from.

All three speeches were evaluated by some top evaluators: Clinton for Glenn L, Warwick for Joanne and David for Ruth.

All three presenters showed excellent listening and observation skills and delivered some great feedback for the whole club to learn from. That’s the beauty of evaluations! Jo also performed well picking up the finer details during her role as general evaluator.

Our good mate Mohammed’s impeccable timing skills helped the meeting flow to precision and our newly-elected president Marlene wrapped up the meeting with some fantastic quotes. One of them was “The heart that never forgets truly loves.”

Keep keeping it real folks – see you in two weeks!

“Live like you’ll die tomorrow, learn like you’ll live forever”
from Joanne’s speech

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