The essence of giving

Meeting – Tuesday 22 November 2011

Central Park was revitalised and at capacity this morning with a full house and no apologies. It was great to see everyone turn up! President Marlene conducted the penultimate meeting as Toastmaster and gave us a tremendous theme to work with in the spirit of Christmas – “The essence of giving.” She was generous in giving us some riches for the soul quoting all the greats, everyone from Mother Theresa to Robert Louis Stevenson.

Club notices were announced:

Club leadership training – Saturday 3 December 8.30am – 1pm, Fickling Centre, Three kings

Last Central park meeting for the year – Tuesday 6 December.
A Secret Santa gift is to be brought by all members ($5 cap maximum).
John will treat everyone to a special Dutch (not Danish) breakfast- nice!

Our newest members Mohammed & Raj were officially inducted into the club by Clinton. Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Grammarian Steve T sparked vitality and energy with his word choice “revitalise”.

Table topics were topped and lovingly selected by Steve D. Brenda was first off the rank with what to do with $1 million dollars, John on improving someone else’s life (in the style of Dutch), Ruth on the right emphasis of giving during Christmas and birthdays, Eric on his ‘best gift received’ from his father, Mohammed on his ‘best gift given’ – and finally Glenn F with his views on the PM tape debacle plus a good peppering of the word of the day.

Our formal speeches started with Ben speaking about ‘The Shed’ – a roof covering or safe refuge where kids are nurtured to grow and succeed.
Two amazing kids were referenced as inspiration – Rina who has risen through much adversity, and Sam a bright spark who is on his way to conquer the world of technology.

Warwick was next in line to present the new engineering feat which opened in Auckland recently – the Victoria tunnel.Warwick delivered with extraordinary detail and humour as we’ve come to expect from him.

Raj opened strong with his speech on MAPSS and finished well with a powerful quote in the spirit of giving. This was his second ever speech in the club. Well done Raj- look forward to more speeches from you.

Many thanks to our evaluators who gave generously – the gift of growth:
Jo and Dave for table topics, Glenn L, Mohammed and Nadene respectively for the formal speeches and Clinton Jones for the general evaluation. Thanks also to our poet Jeremy for keeping the clock flowing like poetry.

Great meeting! See you at our next and final meeting for 2011. Don’t miss out.

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