Valentines Day – share the love!

Meeting – Tuesday 14th February 2012

“When love is not madness it is not love.”

The love of learning was thick in the air as Central Park members gathered early on the morning of Valentines Day.

Apologies: Warwick, Nick, Mohammed
Guests: Chris, Myrabel, Phoenix, Debbie


Club competitions – International / evaluation
Elections / AGM in May

Word of the day – Introspection – self analysis

Table topic goodies were shared with love:

  • Anywhere but NZ where and why? – Steve D
  • Is there too much violence /sex on TV? – Ben
  • If the holiday falls on Sunday should it be Mondayised – John
  • Dinner guest – Alan Watts – Phoenix
  • Favorite movie and why? Titanic – Deb
  • Reduce the number of dog attacks – Dave

Formal speeches

Valentines day – do you share the love? Nadene captivated her audience and drew everyone in with the questions that matter. What is love? Is Valentines overrated? Nadene expounded on a universal subject and encouraged everyone to “Share the love”. Thanks to Clinton for evaluating Nadene’s speech.

Glenn Lucas delivered his second speech from the CC manual. Glenn spoke on the future of the book. From the printed Bible in 1445 to 2015 where ebooks are estimated to make 40% of the market. Interesting to learn that Amazon sells more e-books than hardcopy books. Thanks for an informative speech Glenn.
Glenn’s speech was evaluated by Steve T. Well done!

Brenda presented a polished educational on evaluations. A well timed refresher for the benefit of every member. There were some great tips for the novice and for the more experienced, especially those who were considering the evaluation competition. Her educational was later evaluated by Jeremy – fantastic stuff! To view the notes, please click here.

Big hearts and a box of fluffies to Marlene and Toastmaster Eric for running another fantastic meeting, also Sergeant at Arms John for sweetening the deal with chocolate treats. Well done to all for getting involved. Share the love!

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