Whats in a name?

Meeting – Tuesday 31 January 2012

Extra chairs were put out for this morning’s meeting – Central Park was nearly bursting at the seams and buzzing with four new guests and only two regulars missing – a full house! What a fantastic meeting!

Our president Marlene emphasised the theme “What’s in a name?” from the beginning and spoke on the significance of our names. Toastmaster Nadene was in fine form conducting the programme without a hitch, also sparking interest in the value of names when she provided a list of every name in our club along with their definitions. A thoughtful initiative appreciated by everyone.

This morning we had the pleasure of hosting four new guests:
Debbie, Phoenix, Sainul (Mohammed’s wife) and Stephen.
Apologies were received from Glenn F and Warwick.

Executive notices:

  1. International/evaluation club competition – 28 February – calling for entrants and volunteers
  2. Club zone change – As of 1 July 2012 – Centralpark will change zones from A4 to H3.
  3. Brenda announced the new Super meetings to occur every quarter.

‘Nuance’ was the hot word of choice for Nick the grammarian. He used great listening skills to report back on notable uses of the English language during the meeting. Well done Nick!

Table topics were dished to unsuspecting ‘victims’ by Tony the terrific! He had everyone sitting upright with his opening line “What would you say if the boss asked ‘What do you think?’” A fantastic round of table topics full of enthusiasm and energy. Some of the topics ranged from “Should Waitangi Day be called New Zealand day?” to “Should the drinking age be raised from 18 to 21? Stephen, John, Jeremy, Steve T and Marieke stepped up to the challenge. Even first-time visitor Phoenix had a good go at speaking off the cuff and did extremely well.

Formal speeches:

Ruth delivered “The three Cs. A personal story about culture, commitment and courage. It was an inspirational experience, the fitness for life routine, the boy press ups demo, the amazing results that are taking place within her community – well done to Ruth and her amazing crew. Also kudos to David for a great evaluation on Ruth’s speech. Fab!

Next up, we had Raj who presented some useful information on petrol pumps.
He had the consumer in mind when he shared insightful tips on what to watch out for when refueling our vehicles. We’ll be all the more wiser next time we pull into the local gas station now. Thanks Raj! And thanks to Eric for presenting an evaluation of Raj’s speech – excellent!

Last but not least was Steve D who delivered a poignant speech on a personal subject, one that is dear to his heart. After losing a loved one to a car accident caused by a drunk driver, two of his key messages today were clear – 1. Drivers must take responsibility 2. The punishment should fit the crime. Thank you Steve for sharing a powerful reminder to us all about the value of life – a courageous and commendable effort. Well done! Special mention of Steve’s evaluator, Glenn L, who listened intently and offered some valuable feedback.

Timer Mohammed was superb as always with the stopwatch in hand.
Many thanks to everyone for making the most of this meeting.

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