Achieving together

Meeting – Tuesday 3 July 2012

As a club we achieve a lot together. Toastmaster Rhonda can be proud of achieving a well organised meeting today. And with some standout performances from Troy Martin and Tony Hartigan, we can be proud of the talent coming through this club. Clinton had a great epiphany as the general evaluator and summed up his experience of the meeting as ‘coming home’, like being at a favourite cafe or restaurant – it just feels good to be here.

  • Hospitality – Peter(set the scene and greeted everyone at the door)
  • Sergeant at Arms – John (what we do without him?)
  • Timekeeper – Ruth (commended for keeping us on track)
  • President – Jo (first meeting as president – superb job)
  • Toastmaster – Rhonda (injected enthusiasm and energy – welcome back!)
  • Grammarian – Cassia (word of the day “epiphany”)
  • Table topics master – Mohammed (taunted us with some topical teasers)
  • Table topics speakers – Tony M, Raj, Brenda, Pete, Jeremy, John – stepped to the plate!
  • Table topics evaluator – Big Dave
  • Speakers – Troy Martin (impressive debut with “Protein, Hip Hop and Time Magazine”), Tony “masterclass” Hartigan was brilliant!
  • Evaluators – Ben, Glenn F
  • Special Guest – Ethina
  • Apologies – Marlene, Steve D, Marieke, Nadene, Warwick

“The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” – courtesy of Jo
“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Martin Luther King Jr – courtesy of Tony H

Well done – see you all in two weeks!

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