The value of values

Meeting -Tuesday 22 May

Centralpark HQ is buzzing with renewed vigour. New membership is on a steady climb and a new era has begun for new club committee members. All positive signs of growth and a great year ahead for the club.
Toastmaster Glenn L built a great level of anticipation well in advance of the meeting. He sent out a series of email pictorials as a build up to the meeting and got everyone thinking about values, which was the theme of the day.
President Marlene conducted the formalities, including the ABM meeting. She reported on the past year, noting our club achievements as well as significant milestones such as the 20th club anniversary held in November 2011. Brenda delivered the treasurer’s report and was pleased to announce that the accounts were in good health and that fees would remain unchanged at $150 for 6 months.
Next, the opportunity to cast nominations and establish the executive committee for the upcoming term. The final committee members are as follows:
  • President:  Jo Sutherland
  • VP Education:  Raj Narayan
  • VP Membership:  Steve Daly
  • VP Public Relations:  Warwick Sextus
  • Secretary:  Ben Oge
  • Treasurer:  Brenda Newth
  • Sergeant at Arms:  John van Doormaal
Word of the day – Spruik (verb – to make or give a speech, especially extensively; spiel)
Table topics test our ability to think on our feet. We had some thought provoking topics from Steve D, ranging from “would you have Sonny Bill on your team?” to “is the grass greener over in Australia?”. Well done to Brenda, Pete, Eric, Rhonda, Clinton  & Jane Cobcroft for taking up the one minute challenge. Jo & Raj presented feedback for all of our speakers.
Formal speeches started straight after the coffee break. First up was Glenn F who recalled his personal travel experience of the famous stretch of road known as Route 66. His speech “Scuba diving in the desert” was rich with history and vivid imagery. Glenn’s speech was evaluated by Ruth.
Cassia delivered her ice breaker speech “Do you really need that?” with an impressive skill set to build on. With all the house moving she has experienced in her life to date, Cassia has mastered the art of packing, so she shared some great tips with the club on how to pack and de-clutter. A fantastic first for Cassia. Her speech was evaluated by Tony.
Many thanks to all who make the meetings come alive every Tuesday.
Everyone adds value to the way our meetings are run. Here’s a quote from Stephen Covey to finish on:
“Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them.”

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