Super Meeting

Meeting – Tuesday 17 July 2012

Super line up of speeches today:

  • Free the Radicals –  Tony M presented an informative speech on the life preserving power of antioxidants.
  • The Wonder of Wandering – Speech #9 – Marieke on the personal joys of travel.
  • Not everyone has a name like mine –  Speech #2 – Cassia – a name like no other, unique and memorable!
  • Comfort Zone – Speech #6 – Raj – 22 players chasing after one ball – the game of soccer can surely push boundaries!
  • No place like home – Steve D – 24 months of planning finally come to fruition, Steve shares some of his experiences in Prague, Greece and abroad…


  • Hospitality – Brenda
  • Sergeant at Arms – John
  • Timekeeper – Peter
  • President – Marlene (filling in for Jo)
  • Toastmaster – Clinton (on behalf of Tony H)
  • Speakers – Tony M, Marieke, Cassia, Steve D, Raj
  • Evaluators – Eric, Ruth, Steve T, Raj, Warwick, David (General)
  • Apologies – Tony H, Mohammed, Sy, Nadene, Jo
  • Special guest – Athina

Fantastic meeting as always! See you all in a fortnight!

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