Perseverance pays off!

Meeting – Tuesday 25 September 2012

Theme: Perseverance

Once again, the magnetic pull of Central Park got Toastmaster members out of bed for a 6:45am dose of inspired learning. Talk about perseverance!

Congratulations to Clinton and Brenda for their placings in the recent area contests. First place was awarded to Clinton for the Humourous contest and second place was awarded to Brenda in the Table topics contest. Well done to both of them!

  • Toastmaster –  Steve T – commanding presence on stage, great facilitation skills
  • Sergeant at arms – John – flawless really… (does anyone have a recommendation?)
  • Hospitality –  Cassia – we were all greeted by the friendly smile at the front door.
  • Timer –  Marieke – kept everyone in sync and out the door in good time.
  • Grammarian – Glenn L – Word of the day ‘Gumption’ – reported on some grammatical pearls too
  • TT Master – Steve D –  host with the most, great topics from “Celebrating Valerie Adams” to “I’m over Dot Com”
  • TT Evaluators – Ben & John (one of these guys needs to sort out his iPhone)
  • Table topic participants – Dave, Clinton , Raj , Ruth , Jeremy.  Fantastic round of impromptu speaking!
  • Speaker 1 – Nadene – “Do you really care?” Tips on great customer service and making people feel important.
  • Speaker 2 – Tony M – the Harvey and Jeannette Crewe murders – informative and intriguing, story telling at its finest
  • Speaker 3 – Troy M – personal outlets of ‘release’ – poetic, beautifully articulated and inspirational
  • Evaluator 1 – Glenn F – commended for spotting ‘ums’ in the use of the word ‘gumption’, shared useful feedback for Nadene
  • Evaluator 2 – Jo – thorough analysis of Tony’s speech, CSI specialist of evaluations, brilliant
  • Evaluator 3 – Warwick – had everything covered too on Troy’s speech ,  good, balanced feedback
  • General Evaluator – Brenda – gracious with the gift of growth
  • Special guest – Fiona
  • Apologies – Marlene, Rhonda

Reminder about semi- annuals – please see Brenda.

Next meeting (super meeting) will be on Tuesday 9 October  and your Toastmaster will be Jeremy .

Beauty – see ya’ll at the next one. Go get ’em!

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