Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Meeting – Tuesday 5 February 2013

“Learning to stop sweating the small stuff also involves deciding what
things to engage in and what things to ignore.
From a certain perspective, life can be prescribed as a series of
mistakes one right another with a little space in between”
Richard Carlson

  • President – Jo was the consumate professional
  • Toastmaster –  fun infused meeting hosted by none other than Rhonda – well done!
  • Sergeant at arms – John the unflappable
  • Timer –  Ruth was sharp on deck and didn’t skip a beat
  • Grammarian – Cassia reported on the grammatical gold.  Her word of the day ‘Zealous’ was used with zeal.
  • TT Master – Mohammed invited unsuspecting members to the floor for a test of impromptu speaking
  • TT Evaluators – Steve D & Glenn L teamed up to give our speakers feedback for learning
  • Speaker 1 – “Hairstyle of the gods” – new appreciation for the classic mullet – thank you Troy!
  • Speaker 2 – David demystified the boy racer – hilarious!
  • Evaluators – Ben and Glenn F provided useful evaluations for the benefit of our speakers and the club
  • General Evaluators – Tony M (first half) and Clinton (second half) – comments on the meeting from their perspective
  • Apologies – Jeremy, Warwick

This was Rhonda’s last meeting with our club – all the very best Rhonda. Stay in  touch!

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