Never say no to opportunity

Meeting – Tuesday 5 March 2013

Apologies: Jo, Brenda, Ruth, Jeremy, Nadene, Warwick, Marlene, Troy, Steve T

Steve D hosted the early bird gathering today with gusto and managed to steer a smooth sail after toiling multiple agenda changes – well done Steve! Also special mention of Clinton who stepped to cover as acting president – great stuff!

Congratulations to Brenda for taking top honours in the recent International Speech contest at area level. As fellow members, we are very proud of your achievement – well done! We encourage as many friendly faces to come along to the next round of competitions on Saturday 20 April to support Brenda.

Glenn L wore his Dr Zeuss hat on the mat by using book extracts as table topics – a creative approach and one that challenged our table topic participants: Clinton, Eric, Big Dave and Steve D.

As our first speaker, Cassia crusaded the club and gave us some great things to think about – lessons in our observations of people – “Don’t make assumptions!” Mohammed shocked with statistics of obesity – a global epidemic that is plaguing New Zealand with far too many health issues. We will be watching our lifestyles and waistlines more closely – thank you Mohammed. Special thanks to Stephen McPhee – our guest speaker for his educational on our commitment to club promises.

Also many thanks to our evaluators: Eric (speaker no.1 – Cassia), Clinton (speaker no.2 – Mohammed), Glenn F (Table topics & speaker no.3 – Stephen) and Big Dave (General evaluator).

Finally, the word for the day at Central Park this morning was ‘commitment’ – courtesy of our grammarian John. It is a quality shown by all who step up to the plate and follow through in life. Whether you’re preparing a speech assignment, helping other speech clubs in the area or attending to work and family commitments – it’s our commitment to life, love and making a difference in our world that gets us all out of bed in the morning. Whether you’re in the spot light or behind the scenes – every piece of input, big or small, is a contribution to the greater good. Thank you to everyone for their dedication to making these meetings tick – see you at the next one in two weeks!


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