Do Not Give Up

Meeting – Tuesday 2 April 2013

Word of the Day:  Edify – To instruct or improve someone morally

Another great meeting with a great theme of “Do Not Give Up” something that we should all reflect on.

The Table topics were interesting and thought provoking linking back to various recent news stories. Answers ranged from A Giant dinosaur jungle gym, using hidden gems to assist in building schools and education through to a circus ring master saying ‘harden up’ to fleas suffering from the European winter.

The main speeches were informative and humorous. Brenda undertook her competition speech to test it out. A great speech around dating in ones later years and that it isn’t too much different from being a teenager. It had great humour throughout, lots of analogies and a three step plan to sorting out the men from the boys.

Eric’s speech on democratizing the showcased how news and information can no longer be contained given the overreaching availability of information in today’s modern society. Searching for information is easy however results can be skewed given existing search engine formats. A new search engine optimisation could be created to provide a fairer result for all.

Tony’s speech looked to the future, 2040 and what it would mean if one didn’t look after their body now. Focusing on leading a healthy life with simple changes can make all the difference on quality of life. Undertaking 20min of exercise three times a week will help combat issues moving forward. Certainly a compelling argument using the examples mentioned.

Overall another great meeting with fantastic presentations and evaluations.

Report by Jeremy

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