Growth is good

Meeting – Tuesday 30 April 2013

The meeting was opened by our high energy and motivational Clinton Jones, who was standing in for our president, who was called away on work duty.  Clinton themed the meeting on “growth” and supported this with various quotes – some of which were, “when we are green we are growing, when we ripen, we rot”, and “it’s what you learn after all that counts”.

In the week leading up to the meeting, Clinton had sent a may-day call to all members to bring along a guest to the meeting. As a result there were five quests (Raewyn Mack, Lisa Taylor, Nicholle Heggie, Depak Selvaratnam and Provind Singh).  They were warmly welcomed and were introduced individually to the meeting by their inviter.

Table topics followed the theme of “growth” and an amazing array of topics were delivered by our vastly improved toastmaster, Steve Daly.

Our speakers, Brenda and Marieke, delivered first-class speeches which were laced with elements of motivation, discovery, education, humour and sincerity.

Brenda recounted her learnings from participating in a Division contest and strongly believed in engaging a professional coach to help you prepare for this level of contest.  She had learned so much and was eager to share it with her audience.

Marieke (on her 10th CC speech) motivated the audience to find out what they want in life – to embrace change because change is good and change happens.  She used the analogy from “Who moved my cheese” to make her point.

Both speakers received positive and constructive evaluations from Jeremy and Nadene.

Our general evaluator, Glenn L commented on the warm welcome he received at the door from Cassia on Hospitality.  He also highly commended each of the role holders  – Sergeant at Arms (great coffee and breakfast), Chairman, Grammarian, Table Topics Master, Table Topics Evaluators, Speech Evaluators, and Timer – for carrying out their roles professionally and succinctly.  This was particularly so for the benefit of our guests.  Feedback from Glenn on all the roles was constructively and supportive and no doubt left each of the role holders feeling great.

As always, there was plenty of clapping and laughter during the meeting, and I always leave a Central Park Toastmasters Club meeting feeling pumped and elevated and ready to face the world.  What a tonic for the week!!

I look forward to the next meeting!!

Meeting report:  Marlene Krone (addicted)

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