Working together

Meeting – Tuesday 19 March 2013

Theme: UNITY
Toastmaster: Ben

Jo’s quote – The good thing about team work is “with team work you always have others on your side”

Troy Martin, Marieke van der Heijden

Jordon Brown, Phil Gaze

Executive Notices:

  1. Business cards are now available
  2. Congrats to Brenda taking out the speech competition
  3. 20th April remember to come along to support Brenda
  4. Semi annual payments are due

David with his exciting and large personality delivered his word of the day ‘Rockit or Rocket’, note this word was on the speakers in the room – nice one Big ‘D’.

Table Topics: Ask Agony Aunt – NZ Womens Weekly (?) – Cassia Bennett-Burkhardt

  1. How not to get bored? – Clinton
  2. O’seas trip what advice would give a 50 year old person who is traveling – Nadene
  3. Student – what advice would you give this reader/writer – David
  4. Is it rude to tell them to go home – visitors  – Eric

Ruth – rocked it in her hat and boots – first impressions …. Not to mention the tips she gave us about how to handle your first date and your first interview for both our personal and business lives and talked about crazy cat women and macho dog men.

CC#8 Get comfortable with visual aids First Impressions. Evaluation from Brenda.

Warwick – WOW what a speech – Warwick is very passionate about the GREAT TARANAKI, fabulous use of word pictures. Warwick share with us the story of Parihaka. From the mid-1860s Parihaka, a Māori settlement in the Taranaki tribal area, became the centre of a peaceful resistance movement. The movement involved not only other Taranaki tribes, but Māori from a number of tribes around the country. Its leaders, Te Whiti-o-Rongomai and Tohu Kākahi, were of both Taranaki and Te Āti Awa descent. The confiscation of land was now the central problem faced by Taranaki Māori, and under Te Whiti’s leadership a new approach to this issue was developed: that of resisting European settlement of the confiscated land through non-violent methods, if you want to know more click on this link.

Project #5 Story telling manual – Bringing history to life. Evaluation from Glenn Flinkenberg.

Report by Nadene

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