Meeting – Tuesday 11 June 2013

Theme: Challenges
Word of the Day:

Toastmaster Steve D lead a tenacious bunch of go-getters this morning. The room was booming with laughter and learning!

Nadene provided some funny subject matter for the table topics round. Steve T shared his fatherly advice for the Argentinian boyfriend who would pick up his daughter, John spoke on the importance of toilet seat etiquette (when to leave the seat up or down), Phil was assigned to speak on what to do when you see something stuck in someone else’s teeth, Brenda shared her frustration with left over toilet paper rolls, and Jo spoke about the one who rules the TV remote in her house – her dog!

After a 10 minute recess at half time, we were back into the speeches. Dave opened with his 10th assignment entitled “Yes you can” which inspired and made us laugh. In his speech “Everybody communicates – few people connect.”  Eric shared some fantastic and ‘funner’ pointers about making better connections with people. And Jeremy wowed us with his amazing feat – swimming the Sharkfest Alcatraz event in San Francisco and using effective PPT slide visuals to tell his story.

Special thanks to all of our evaluators, Clinton, Mohammed, Phil, Jo, Brenda and Cassia – for providing everyone with constructive feedback.

Well done everyone for rising to the challenge – see you next time!

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