Feel the fear and do it anyway

Meeting – Tuesday 25 June 2013

Today’s meeting was all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Clinton showed no signs of fear filling in the President and Toastmaster roles at short notice and ran a smooth show. A solid performance by Jonesey!

Nadene put a whole new spin on table topics as she set up our speakers with a box and a scenario. A very creative way to  challenge our speakers. Some of the highlights included:  everyone hanging in suspense when Nicholas came across a mysterious, green box in the middle of a forest, Brenda sharing her discovery after fumbling around in an old shoe box, Clinton pulling out loads of recycled packaging paper to climax with a small pig, Cassia describing what appeared to be a creepy crawly item hanging behind her head. Special thanks to evaluators Ruth and Glenn F for providing great feedback.

First of our two formal speakers was John. He took us into the kitchen showroom to present a fabulous range of kitchen design package. He demonstrated some strong sales techniques. Special guest Bianca was invited to participate in the sales pitch as a potential buyer.  Phil G assessed John’s speech and gave his first evaluation at the club – well done!

Next up, we had Ben with “Forget about falling” which was delivered in line with today’s theme: feel the fear and do it anyway. His objective was to entertain and inspire by using personal experience. His key message was for people to focus on flying and not on falling (The fear of failure). Thanks to Steve D for presenting a thorough evaluation.

Also, special thanks to our general evaluator Marlene for her commentary on the meeting.

Congratulations to the new executive committee members who were all voted in by the club:

  • President – Brenda Newth
  • VP Education – Marieke van der Heijden
  • VP Membership – Steve Daly
  • VP Public Relations – Cassia Bennett-Burkhardt
  • Secretary – Ruth Turnbull
  • Treasurer – Jo Sutherland
  • Sergeant-At-Arms – John van Doormaal

Special thanks to Jo for an outstanding term as club president. She has been a fantastic leader at the helm.

See you at the next meeting on Tuesday 9 July. Onwards and upwards!

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