Attitude determines altitude

Meeting – Tuesday 9 July 2013
Today’s meeting was infused with attitude and enthusiasm. Mohammed carried himself with great professionalism and humour, especially when he was referred to as Madam Toastmaster. Well done for fostering a great environment for learning and fun. Nice too see special guest Kylee come along to the club too.

We were blown away by first time speakers, Phil and Nicholas. Phil drew on personal experience to prove the power of words and Nicholas delivered the theatrics of a thrilling ice breaker – his life journey. Both speeches were evaluated by Nadene and Jo respectively.

Special thanks to our role holders: Ruth our table topics master, TT evaluators Marieke and Jeremy, Grammarian Steve D for Word of the Day ‘Woot’, Steve T and his trusty stop watch, Jo & Ben for general evaluations and last but not least our Sergeant at Arms for breakky (legend!). Nice work team! Bring on the week! See you at the next meeting!

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