Meeting report from Nadene


Eric fixed the lectern, lots of laughter around the height and we all wondered how Marlene was going to cope.  We’ll also said we needed a step for Steve and Nadene to reach it J

Brenda welcomed everyone to the inaugural Harlem Globe Trotters meeting and read a quote to everyone on resilience.

Brenda then introduces our Toastmaster – the fab/glam Ruth Turnbull.

When Ruth told Brenda that she wanted the theme to be Resilience i.e. to stay resilient Brenda thought Ruth had said Brazilian and then conjured up all sorts of pictures in her head!! This was over the phone hence the misunderstanding.

Apologies from President Clinton due to him being on baby duty, good on you CJ!!

Ruth then read a quote – Truth will set you free but the other will piss you off!!

Next up was our Grammarian – Steve D – word of the day – Buoyant


  • Topic – Exercise – Bianca
    Topic – Favourite car – Glenn – why would you pick Glenn – all he wants to do is talk about Holden’s
  • And then the timer (Eric our resident DJ) decides its disco time and started flashing the lights (due to Glenn going over his allotted time)
  • Topic – Spend time doing the basics – Jo – talked about a life experience and then the lights started flashing again – I almost felt like standing up and dancing J
  • Topic – The more you give the more you get – Samwell – you lost me !!
  • Topic – Self Development – John who’s big into self-help books – it’s about the doing!!!

TT Evaluators – Steve T (Evens) &  Jeremy (Odds) gave some great tips and tricks for each speaker

Ruth our fab/glam Toastmaster then read us another quote on resilience.

Then she lost her way a bit and asked for Executive Notices which were to support Clinton at the Flicking Centre on Saturday 19th Oct and Jo the Treasurer said PAY YOUR FEES.

Back to the agenda, time for a cuppa.

½ time – General Evaluator – Marlene – provided some great feedback and some great recommendations – commented that it was great that the Topic for the Table Topics were read out prior to the speaker being announced.

Then we got into our fabulous speakers doing their project speeches.

1st speaker – Phil Speech #7 – apply your skills “1st Light” – although not in the religious sense!! – Topic “Don’t leave home until you’ve seen the country”

2nd speaker – Cassia Speech # 6 Dr Suess

3rd speaker – Nicolas Speech # 3 “24 misfortunes McGough”

1st Evaluator – Samwell

Provide good feedback – recommendations – referred to the playground that we have

2nd Evaluator – Mohammad – great recommendations and feedback.

3rd Evaluator – Ben – Great feedback and recommendations – Energetic & entertaining speech, theatrical, captivating and brilliant. – great pausation and structure.

Grammarians report – Steve D

Great banter – word of the day used several times –“ buoyant”. Good word usage and phrases. Engaging meeting.  Myriads of sayings almost too many to capture.

Time keepers report – Eric

Made all sorts of excuses that his stop watch had stopped. His feedback was that some specific speakers timing needed to be watched – hence the disco lights. He was very buoyant in providing his report and yet again practised his disco lighting.

General Evaluator 2 – Glenn provided great feedback and recommendations one specific tip was to remember when giving an evaluation to number you recommendations.

Meeting Close – Brenda.

By Nadene

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