An Active Lifestyle

Meeting – Tuesday 25 February 2014

An active lifestyle was the theme of the day when the team from Central Park Toastmasters assembled for their fortnightly foray into the world of public speaking, leadership development and good plain fun.

Meeting chair Mohammed steered the meeting admirably and provided insightful, thought provoking quotes.  Hospitality maven Ben was in place bright and early, as he warmly welcomed us to Danish House. Grammarian Eric banned the words “nice” and “good, and instead encouraged us to replace those words with much more descriptive adjectives, offering a prize for the toastmaster that used the most.

Table Topics Master Clinton, gave us topics in keeping with the meeting. John spoke about the importance of exercise, Ben gave us diet advice, Brenda talked about her favourite place for lifestyle pursuits, Mohammed shared who he admired for lifestyle, and Eric reminded us all that we should work to live.  Evaluators Samwell and Jeremy provided the gift of growth, demonstrated great listening skills and provided recommendations that would make a difference to the speakers’ next performance.

Jo gave an insightful presentation on success, based on the book the Art of Deliberate Success. Success is what you want it to be and it is defined by your own goals and values.

Ben’s “Drive Home” speech was an entertaining story of traffic woes. Woven in was an analogy about our journey through life and how we should be enjoying the ride. Ben offered three hints: meditate and be thankful, consider others and enjoy the ride.

Marlene – completing a speech from the competent communicator manual talked about stage fright, and her battle against it. We heard how Marlene overcame her fears and went on to become a distinguished toastmaster. She gave helpful hints to encourage nervous speakers and help them overcome their fear of public speaking.

General evaluator Nadene displayed great listening skills and provided supportive recommendations

Timer Steve kept us all on track and Sergeant at Arms John had the room set up and us all fed and watered. Next meeting 6.50am on Tuesday 11 March.

Report by Brenda

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