Self Development

Meeting – Tuesday 25 March 

Good attendance with 3 apologies and 2 guests. Breakfast prepared by John of Bagels and Cream Cheese very appreciated.
Theme Self Development and very good quotes from Toastmaster Eric and President Brenda.

Glenn took over Grammarian role at the last minute and used colors as the words for the day.

Table Topics ably run by Bianca and Self Development themes. Samwell, Jeremy, Clinton, Glenn, Ruth and Malcolm all managed the table topics well. Good feedback from the evaluators.

3 speeches.
Marlene gave a great speech title “Left Right Out” all about being left handed. Some very good research. 

Phil’s speech about “Life’s Purpose” was not only interesting but gave us another perspective of Phil and his quiet determination to follow his passion in Involving sport.

John, speech entitled “The Cutting Edge” was a great lesson in what not to do when using sharp edged tools. Very enlightening and we almost feel guilty to acknowledge, amusing.

The Evaluations of all speeches were delivered in a very positive and supportive way that we all learnt from.

A lively fun meeting with a lot of learning opportunities.

by Ruth

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