Good Health

Meeting – Tuesday 22nd

The theme of the day for this meeting was, “Good Health,” from the smaller than usual Central Park Toastmasters team. Many may have taken the opportunity to combine a super long weekend, by taking 3 days as leave between Easter and Anzac to give a ten-day break.

John once again as Sergeant of Arms, provided the fabulous breakfast of muesli, muffins, hot cross buns and piping hot coffee. Thanks John!

This was a meeting, whereby every member “bought” into theme, starting with the ever-vibrant Clinton, stepping into the president’s roll for the absent Brenda. Quotes like, “ Take care of your body, we have only one place to live” were the norm for this meeting.

Glenn F the ever-professional witty person he is; was the Toastmaster of the day, which added a special touch.

Mohammed embraced the Grammarian’s roll with the word of the day; “longevity.” Longevity, a word fitting to the theme and used by many of the speakers.

Marieke as the Table Topics Master went to great lengths to come up with a novel twist to the roll. Her “bag” of medical “goodies” ranged from pills, sunglasses, stethoscope and apples and not forgetting the red heart shaped stress balls, which everyone received, were fantastic. This gave opportunities and challenges to all our speakers.

John was first to dip his hand into the bag, pulling out the pill bottle.

Jo was next up with, “Apple” a day keeps the doctor away.”

Newest member Malcolm got the sunglasses and last but not least Dr Krone (aka Marlene) the stethoscope.

As we know everything in Toastmasters gets evaluated and for the Table Topics we had Clinton in his dual roll and Bianca. Great listening skills by both meant they could recant many of the quotes used by the speakers. This gave strength to the commendations and recommendations they gave the speakers. I fine job done by both.

After being watered and fed by John’s fine breakfast spread we returned to the formal part of the meeting for three excellent speeches. Samwell was the first “cab off the rank” with the topic of; “Throwing Your Weight Around.” This was Samwell’s number five speech out of the Competent Communication Manual. Samwell has a confident demeanor and is willing to give you a deep look into his person life and thoughts, which doesn’t come without its challenges, but makes for a fine speech.

Second speaker was Jeremy. Jeremy is working from the advanced Public Relations Manual, with the number four speech. The topic being the contentious, “Petrol Is Cheap.” No guessing whom Jeremy works for!! All joking aside, this was a brilliantly constructed speech; brought to life with Jeremy’s usual relaxed no pressure style of speaking.

Our last speaker was Ruth. Ruth was delivering a number four speech from the advanced Speaking to Inform Manual with the topic of; Do You Know Who I Am. Ruth delivers her speeches with feeling, fine vocal variety and natural gestures, which brings the speeches to life. Great command of the English language also brings professionalism to Ruth’s speeches as well.

With fine speeches, you need fine evaluators. Too these ends, we had the experience of Jo, Marlene and Nadine on the job. All three evaluators showed strong listening skills by recalling important passages of each speaker’s speech. They used these tools to build constructive commendations and recommendations to each of the speakers in order for them to grow as a person and improve their speaking skills.

Timekeeper for the meeting was PC Phil Gaze. Phil noted all the times of the meeting and wasn’t averse to ticketing and red carding the people who went over time.

As we know, everything gets evaluated, and who better to be the General Evaluator than Big Ben. Ben is one cool relaxed character, who never seems rushed, but gets the job done on time and in the most professional manner, hence the meeting finished on its 8.30am deadline.

Next Meeting 6.50am Tuesday 6th May.

Report by Steve D

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