Meeting –  29th July, 2014 

Theme – Expressions
Clinton opened the meeting on time and talked about communication (this is not the CJ show!)
The lovely Marlene was our Toastmaster for the meeting and opened the meeting with great enthusiasm and hoped that we had a gut wrenching meeting. Marlene also had some great quotes that she shared with us throughout the morning.

Apologies: Ben, Steve D, Paul, Mohammad, Bianca and Marieke.

Exec notices – Table Topics & Humorous Speech competitions coming up – great opportunity for club members to take advantage and also take the plunge. Opportunity to mark a project off in your manuals. Marlene is mentoring a new club – Mangere, Wednesdays – she need volunteers to pick up some of the duties, please contact Marlene. Semi Annuals are due – September.

Grammarian Eric – word of the day – Effervescence – don’t look at the Wikipedia meaning!!

TT Master – Clinton – different members spoke on topics from previous TT contests.
TT Evaluators – this was the Jeremy and Samwell show – used the CRC method and gave the speakers some really valuable feedback – there was even mention that this was a MASTER CLASS ACT – remember the comps coming up gents….

We were privileged to hear three great speakers deliver speeches from their manuals –

  • Clinton – “Don’t freak / just speak”
  • Jo – “The Toast of NZ”
  • Kymberley – delivered her Icebreaker – “Decisions”

Evaluators each used the CRC method to provide constructive feedback with some good tips for the speakers.

Grammarian summed up – Clinton yet again won the prize even tho he doesn’t need more chocolate for the most usage of the word of the day.

General Evaluator – Phil summed up the mornings event with some further feedback.
Marlene finished off with a quote “express yourselves with everything you do”
Clinton closed the meeting.

Report by Nadene

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