Learning to Lead

Meeting – Tuesday 9 September 2014

Great meeting themed on Leadership this morning – hosted by the energetic Eric as our Toastmaster!

Clinton opened in classic presidential leadership style and addressed an enthused audience.

Glossophobia – the fear of public speaking, was the word of the day brought to us by Malcolm – a challenge for all to use the word in our speeches and overcome the jitters of speaking.

Talk Show host Oprah Winfrey (aka Bianca) took the Table topics stage by storm by introducing the following celebrities: Clinton, John, Steve D, Malcolm, Rhonda and Phil.

Central Park was privileged to have Jim Harknett, Area Governor join us today. He was the first of three speakers, including Phil who gave us three ways to fail in business (10 speeches done and dusted – well done Phil) and Kymberly who presented some interesting analysis in her second speech to the club on psychometric testing in recruitment.

Evaluators Ben & Mohammed provided helpful feedback to our Table Topic speakers, as did John, Clinton and Steve D for our three formal speeches.

Samwell was slick behind the timers chair and Steve T wrapped up a super charged meeting with a general evaluation.
Hope Dave (Eric’s guest) enjoyed the meeting.

See you all at the next meeting in two weeks! Remember Area competition this Saturday – Ruth and Eric will be representing!

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