Meeting –  Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Club Reporter: Steve Daly

Our lively meeting started on time with president Clinton doing introductions for Toastmaster of the day Ruth.  Even with Ruth’s late start on getting the agenda out, her toastmasters skills came to the fore.  Ruth’s unflappable approach to handling constant last minute changes and apologies didn’t put her off her stride.

Ruth’s theme from the meeting was Loyalty, which our Grammarian Phil leveraged off with the word of the day; “Patriotism”.   Phil was to be “gutted” later in the meeting as the word was only used by two members. This resulted in Phil “tossing his toys on the floor”, or more precisely his piece of paper which had the word of the day on it; in dramatic fashion.

The toastmaster skills have rubbed off on one of our newest members Malcolm.  Malcolm was challenged with being the Table Topics master at the last minute, but with his trusty iPhone and Google he came up with excellent topics, well suited to the recipients.

So good were the topics, we couldn’t stop president Clinton on his mini speech, which went for a full 2 minutes. Even flashing red lights from our timer Steve T couldn’t stop him.   We are thinking President Clinton is colour blind and possibly in need of a watch.  You just love that enthusiasm from Clinton.

Evaluating the TT was the experienced Marlene and the bubbly Kimberley.  Both had excellent recommendations for our speakers.

John our SOA was on the ball as useful with a fine breakfast, tea and coffee.  Just what you need at 7.00am in the morning and at the midway break; before the formal speeches.

We had Paul doing his number 3 speech from the manual with the topic of Road Tolling; something that Paul is well informed about from his years of international engineering travels.

Second person up was Jo with the topic of “Back in 89”.  Jo spoke about her start as a budding journalist back in 1989 and have different the methods of teachings were back then.   She told us about the people around her and how they moulded her, to the person she is today.   Jo clearly had some fine tutors back in those years.

As we at Toastmasters, everything is evaluated and for this we had the experience of the masters, in Eric and Clinton doing the two formal speeches.

General Evaluator was Samwell.  This was his first time in the role, but it was handled in a way that Samwell could only deliver.

Meeting concluded on time.

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