The Art Of Thinking Independently Together

Meeting – 21 June 2016

The theme of our meeting was ‘diversity’ “the art of thinking independently together”
Toastmaster Sue was organised and professional which ensured our meeting was the same!

Apologies were received from Vaughan, Celestyna, Marlene and Phil.

Grammarian Clinton challenged us to use the word(s) of the day ‘Mixed Bag’ giving us examples of how we might do that and reminding us he was looking for good word usage whilst minding the ums and ahhhs!

Thought provoking speeches were delivered by Roosbeh, Jeremy and Steve on a diverse range of subjects from advancements in technology to why driving on the right hand side in a left hand drive vehicle holds so many benefits topped off by a warning that the ‘P’ epidemic is going to make leaky homes look minor in comparison.

A rollicking Table Topics session followed the continental breakfast break as Table Topics ‘Mistress?’ Asma challenged our lucky recipients to talk about how diversity affected a wide range of topics.

As we know everything in Toastmasters is evaluated and our speech evaluators John, Clinton and Marieke were warm, encouraging and informative assisting our speakers by using the CRC method to boost confidence whilst skilfully providing ideas for improvement.

Table Topics evaluating duo Ruth and Elah were also insightful and accurate delivering succinct helpful summations of the TT contributions.

General Evaluator Eric summarised the meeting fully managing to evaluate all those who had not received feedback in his usual enthusiastic and infectious manner.

So in summary, a diverse mixed bag of a meeting demonstrating all that is good about Toastmasters and our amazing Central Park Club.

Can’t wait for the next meeting on Tuesday 5th July same time, same place, see you there, or if you are reading this as a prospective Toastmaster thinking shall I/shan’t I ?….why not join us!!

Past President Clinton