Learning How to Juggle Olympic Style

Meeting – 2 August 2016

The theme of our meeting was to ‘JUGGLE“.

Steve as the President opened the meeting on time.

Nadene was our Toastmaster and she did an excellent job of keeping the meeting on track.

Roozbeh, was time keeper for the first time and he conducted this role competently.

Ela was Grammarian. Her word of the day was “Integrity” and she challenged all of us to use this word as much as possible during the meeting. Ela was also listening out for ums and ahs and good word usage.

Reza delivered his 6th Project: Vocal Variety from the Competent Communication (CC) manual with the title of “The Deadline”. Reza cleverly discussed the challenges he faced when he came to NZ and how he found a job as a Mechanical Engineer exactly on the day he had set as a deadline for finding a job – Friday 22nd August.  He celebrates this special day every year.

James delivered his Icebreaker speech from the CC Manual – titled “It’s James”. With great humour, James took us on a journey of his childhood at school, his family, when he fell in love and when he joined his existing company.

The Icebreaker is project one in the CC Manual. It provides the speaker with the opportunity to tell the club a bit about themselves and for the evaluator to identify skills the speaker already has and suggests, in a very constructive and positive way, areas in which the speaker could do better.

We had two experienced speech evaluators.  Sue evaluated Reza’s speech. She used good listening skills to help Reza to improve his next speech. Phil evaluated James’ speech.  It always amazes me just how much you are able to gain by simply listening to evaluators comment. Awesome evaluations, both of you.

With only 4 days from the Olympics opening in Brazil, Eric as Table Topic Master themed his topics on the Olympics. John, Ela, Roozbeh, Steve, James and Asma had the opportunity to express their thoughts about being involved in this Olympic in different roles.

Ruth and Andrea evaluated the Table Topic speeches and gave good feedback on how the speakers could improve their skills for future challenges.

Roozbeh as Time Keeper completed his assignment by saying the quote “The bad news is that time flies, The good news is that you’re the pilot”, and he delivered the timing report for each of the pilots!

In Toastmaster everything gets evaluated. Our General Evaluator was Marlene who brought her corporate experience to the meeting and provided a comprehensive evaluation.

The next club meeting is 16/08/2016 in which we will hold our Table Topics and Humorous speech contests. This is an opportunity for all members to compete at club level. It’s time to get outside our comfort zone and have a crack.

Central Park Toastmasters Club is a community club – anyone is welcome to come along and see what we do.

Roozbeh Fakharinia – VP Public Relations