Another exciting Toastmasters meeting

Meeting – 30 August 2016

The coffee was brewed and the toast cooking as our members gathered for another exciting fortnightly Toastmasters meeting.

Eric, our Toastmaster, started the meeting following a welcome from the club President, Steve. Steve welcomed Raphael as a guest and noted that he had come for a 2nd visit so it was good to know that he hadn’t been scared off.

Roozbeh was Grammarian for the day and his word of the day was “resolute”. The point of this is to encourage everyone to use the WOD and embrace the ongoing opportunities to add to our vocabulary.  Roozbeh’s role was to listen for ums and ah’s and any interesting word or phrase usage.

The first part of our meeting had 2 very good speakers delivering speeches from their manuals. Both speeches were entertaining and informative and very good examples of different ways to present. Sue took the opportunity to conduct a farewell speech to very close relatives and Jeremy gave a business briefing relating to paying tolls on roads. Both very thought provoking. Our 3rd speaker was Clinton delivering an overview of what being a member of Toastmasters is all about.

After a brief 5 minute break the 2nd part of the meeting included Table Topics which are a great opportunity to speak in an impromptu manner whilst using Toastmasters tips and tricks to deliver an interesting 1 minute speech.

Everything is evaluated so all the above were followed by peer evaluations and recommendations for development.

As usual a great meeting that was fun and informative and an excellent start to the day.

Why not join us at our next meeting on Tues 13 September at 0700. See you there?

Ruth Turnbull