Moments of Truth

Meeting Report – 16 January 2018
Another great Central Park Toastmasters meeting and the perfect way to start the New Year.
We were thrilled to welcome our guest Lyndon who had contacted us via our website over the break.
Our meeting was chaired by Marieke who conducted the Toastmasters Club self assessment entitled “Moments of Truth” on our own Central Park Club.
This was an interactive workshop that focused inward on six key areas of club performance .
We discussed what we do well and what we need to be doing better but it didn’t stop there!
Not only did we ask what we need to do better for our members we asked our membership for suggestions on how we could do it better.
Marieke was able to extract a number of excellent ideas from each of the workshop groups that we can begin to start working on immediately.
It is never easy to self evaluate or hear that maybe we need to improve in some areas but it is the only way we can ensure we get better and better.
Well done Marieke for ensuring we all participated by challenging and extending us to have our say.
I can’t wait for the suggested improvements to be implemented to make our club even better!!!
Speaking of better what a perfect Segway into our next session presented by Clinton on the exciting new ‘Pathways’ Toastmasters learning system.
Your committee has been working hard to analyse the Pathways program and concluded that we all need to embrace and get involved in the new system asap.
Clinton took us through an easy 3 step process for getting started on line by recounting his own experience and the Pathways assessment he was able to complete online.
He talked about the old system and the new and about the minor differences but the huge pluses for us all.
He said Toastmasters International have taken careful note of member feedback and come up with a program to take the organisation well into the future.
Clintons advice was to go on line following the simple process he recommended to take your own assessment and get started.
He urged us not to forget there is a good transition period if you want to finish existing manuals however the sooner you can cross to the ‘other side’ the better in your committee’s opinion.
Any questions please let the committee know and we will talk you through it or ask more questions ourselves to get answers.
Roll on 2018 a watershed year for Toastmasters Worldwide.