Happy New Year 2020

Greetings, past ,existing and potential fellow Central Park Toastmasters.

Happy New Year 2020 and a positive start to the new Millennium!!

I hope you have had a relaxing and safe festive break with family and friends.

2020 heralds a particularly exciting and important year for our club as we turn 30!!

July 1 sees us reach this impressive and deserved  mile stone!

Well done , congratulations and thanks to you all for contributing to this outstanding achievement on our behalf.

There is no doubt that our longevity is founded and based ongoing on the unique way in which our club has embraced the many Toastmasters learning and self growth principles.

It is I believe our commitment to having fun whilst getting plenty out of our Toastmasters experience but not expecting that unless we are prepared to put plenty back too before, during and after.

I hope to see you at a CPTM Breakfast meeting coming up soon starting with our first one for the new Millennium 6.50am sharp Tuesday 14/01/20.


Use it or lose it.



Clinton Jones

Moments of Truth

Meeting Report – 16 January 2018
Another great Central Park Toastmasters meeting and the perfect way to start the New Year.
We were thrilled to welcome our guest Lyndon who had contacted us via our website over the break.
Our meeting was chaired by Marieke who conducted the Toastmasters Club self assessment entitled “Moments of Truth” on our own Central Park Club.
This was an interactive workshop that focused inward on six key areas of club performance .
We discussed what we do well and what we need to be doing better but it didn’t stop there!
Not only did we ask what we need to do better for our members we asked our membership for suggestions on how we could do it better.
Marieke was able to extract a number of excellent ideas from each of the workshop groups that we can begin to start working on immediately.
It is never easy to self evaluate or hear that maybe we need to improve in some areas but it is the only way we can ensure we get better and better.
Well done Marieke for ensuring we all participated by challenging and extending us to have our say.
I can’t wait for the suggested improvements to be implemented to make our club even better!!!
Speaking of better what a perfect Segway into our next session presented by Clinton on the exciting new ‘Pathways’ Toastmasters learning system.
Your committee has been working hard to analyse the Pathways program and concluded that we all need to embrace and get involved in the new system asap.
Clinton took us through an easy 3 step process for getting started on line by recounting his own experience and the Pathways assessment he was able to complete online.
He talked about the old system and the new and about the minor differences but the huge pluses for us all.
He said Toastmasters International have taken careful note of member feedback and come up with a program to take the organisation well into the future.
Clintons advice was to go on line following the simple process he recommended to take your own assessment and get started.
He urged us not to forget there is a good transition period if you want to finish existing manuals however the sooner you can cross to the ‘other side’ the better in your committee’s opinion.
Any questions please let the committee know and we will talk you through it or ask more questions ourselves to get answers.
Roll on 2018 a watershed year for Toastmasters Worldwide.

Congratulations James!

Congratulations to James Poliko from Central Park Toastmasters who placed 3rd in the Division H humour speech contest final on Saturday 14/10/2017!

It was his first foray into the competitive world of speech contests and as such was an outstanding performance on behalf of our club in a competition of the highest standard.Well done James from all Central Park Members for upholding our strong historical record of high achievement at Area, Division and District competition level.
You are an inspiring example for all new, established and prospective members of our club
See some pics of our latest high achiever proving WINNERS are definitely GRINNERS !!!

Club Contest Time at Central Park

Meeting – Tuesday 15 August 2017

Today we held our annual contest meeting for Humorous speech and Table Topics at Central Park Toastmaster club.

Tom, Andrea, Steve, Phil and Eric entered the Table Topic contest. The topic was presented by Contest Chair Nadene about NZ election coming in September “if people should vote and why?” It was fantastic to see all 5 candidates talk about their thoughts for about 2 minutes without preparation. Steve finished first and Tom was selected as second by judges. Steve will represent our club in next competition to be carried out between other clubs in the area.

Table Topics Contestants

After the break, Marieke chaired the Humorous Speech contest. We enjoyed all three speeches done by Phil, Andrea and James who were competing today. The room was filled with laughter generated by all three speakers with James eventually becoming the winner of the contest and Phil finishing a close second.

Humorous Speech Contestants

James will therefore represent Central Park at the upcoming Area Humorous speech contest.

It was first time for Tom, James and Andrea to get out of their comfort zone and have a crack by volunteering themselves for the contest and to develop their public speaking skills.

It was great to have three guests, Mark, Michael and Ankit with us today to experience the excitement of Toastmasters competition.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 29th August at 7 AM. If you still thinking about attending Toastmasters why not be our guest?

One Step Away from Your Next Win

Meeting – Tuesday 1 August 2017

Central Park had another cracking meeting today. The theme was “underdog” and the challenge was to always keep going if you are the underdog because you are always one step away from your next win.

The other challenge was put out to the club by Clinton for members to enter next meetings competition with the Table Topics & Humorous Competition. Also two fantastic speeches from Reza and Andrea

Great to have two guests in Mark and Michael.

See you in two weeks.

Phil Gaze