Love is all around

Meeting – 14 February 2017

The energy and focus of our members and speakers today was inspirational.

It was Valentines Day, the theme was “Love is All Around”” and one of the speech titles was “Lets Talk About Sex’!!! HOWEVER in our usual Central Park Toastmasters fashion the speech was very appropriate and a good example of using every day things to meet the speech objectives and entertain at the same time.

It was great to have the turnout of members that we did today. Each role was filled and Table Topics were particularly good with participants able to manage their topic with aplomb and again entertainment. A very enjoyable meeting that had us ready to start the day with increased energy.



A meeting of firsts!

Meeting – 31 January 2017

The theme was Comebacks and we were all on theme given we had comeback for another injection of Toastmasters enthusiasm.

Toastmaster Phil was in top form with comeback quotes galore…it was definitely ‘his time’ to shine. Sarah felt the fear and did it anyway to complete her first assignment the Icebreaker speech. Sarah met her objectives by introducing herself fully to the club and gave us sage advice from her Father….’finish your education’. Sarah learned what she was already good at and now has some additional skills to to develop that will further enhance her presentations. It was pleasing and impressive to see Sarah do her first speech without using any notes…congratulations Sarah.

Sue was our next speaker and she did an excellent job of an advanced assignment where she introduced some award nominees and awarded the winner (Lisa Carrington aka Marieke) with the Sportswoman of the year award. This was a great example of an advanced from the ever improving Sue…well done you.

Our third speaker was Celestyna who recounted experiences/differences from her recent overseas research mission. Again an impressive speech from one of our members who continues to go from strength to strength on the back of her ever increasing levels of confidence. Evaluators Clinton, Ela (first time) and Phil were encouraging and objective as they delivered the ‘gift of growth’ to our speakers.

Table Topics Master Eric had a ‘bigly’ number of Donald Trump topics for our recipients and our guest Andrea (first table topic) and Toastmaster Phil were awarded best topics by our astute/observant evaluators John and Marieke who also delivered their gifts of growth.

General Evaluator Reza (first time) gave a succinct summary of yet another awesome meeting whilst also providing valuable feedback for all those who had not been evaluated already.

So in summary, another motivational and energetic meeting that had it all and inspired all attendees to go and have an indestructible Tuesday and look forward to the next injection of inspiration on Tuesday 14/02….yes Valentines Day for all the romantics out there….I know why not invite your Valentine to our next meeting !! :). To all our existing, past and prospective members why not join us again soon.

Clinton Jones


  • Don’t forget competitions (Evaluation and Prepared speech) 28/02. Entries now open…call Clinton or Marieke.
  • Semi Annual invoices out Feb, payable by March 20 please.
  • Leadership training dates out…get along one and all.

Another exciting Toastmasters meeting

Meeting – 30 August 2016

The coffee was brewed and the toast cooking as our members gathered for another exciting fortnightly Toastmasters meeting.

Eric, our Toastmaster, started the meeting following a welcome from the club President, Steve. Steve welcomed Raphael as a guest and noted that he had come for a 2nd visit so it was good to know that he hadn’t been scared off.

Roozbeh was Grammarian for the day and his word of the day was “resolute”. The point of this is to encourage everyone to use the WOD and embrace the ongoing opportunities to add to our vocabulary.  Roozbeh’s role was to listen for ums and ah’s and any interesting word or phrase usage.

The first part of our meeting had 2 very good speakers delivering speeches from their manuals. Both speeches were entertaining and informative and very good examples of different ways to present. Sue took the opportunity to conduct a farewell speech to very close relatives and Jeremy gave a business briefing relating to paying tolls on roads. Both very thought provoking. Our 3rd speaker was Clinton delivering an overview of what being a member of Toastmasters is all about.

After a brief 5 minute break the 2nd part of the meeting included Table Topics which are a great opportunity to speak in an impromptu manner whilst using Toastmasters tips and tricks to deliver an interesting 1 minute speech.

Everything is evaluated so all the above were followed by peer evaluations and recommendations for development.

As usual a great meeting that was fun and informative and an excellent start to the day.

Why not join us at our next meeting on Tues 13 September at 0700. See you there?

Ruth Turnbull 

Learning How to Juggle Olympic Style

Meeting – 2 August 2016

The theme of our meeting was to ‘JUGGLE“.

Steve as the President opened the meeting on time.

Nadene was our Toastmaster and she did an excellent job of keeping the meeting on track.

Roozbeh, was time keeper for the first time and he conducted this role competently.

Ela was Grammarian. Her word of the day was “Integrity” and she challenged all of us to use this word as much as possible during the meeting. Ela was also listening out for ums and ahs and good word usage.

Reza delivered his 6th Project: Vocal Variety from the Competent Communication (CC) manual with the title of “The Deadline”. Reza cleverly discussed the challenges he faced when he came to NZ and how he found a job as a Mechanical Engineer exactly on the day he had set as a deadline for finding a job – Friday 22nd August.  He celebrates this special day every year.

James delivered his Icebreaker speech from the CC Manual – titled “It’s James”. With great humour, James took us on a journey of his childhood at school, his family, when he fell in love and when he joined his existing company.

The Icebreaker is project one in the CC Manual. It provides the speaker with the opportunity to tell the club a bit about themselves and for the evaluator to identify skills the speaker already has and suggests, in a very constructive and positive way, areas in which the speaker could do better.

We had two experienced speech evaluators.  Sue evaluated Reza’s speech. She used good listening skills to help Reza to improve his next speech. Phil evaluated James’ speech.  It always amazes me just how much you are able to gain by simply listening to evaluators comment. Awesome evaluations, both of you.

With only 4 days from the Olympics opening in Brazil, Eric as Table Topic Master themed his topics on the Olympics. John, Ela, Roozbeh, Steve, James and Asma had the opportunity to express their thoughts about being involved in this Olympic in different roles.

Ruth and Andrea evaluated the Table Topic speeches and gave good feedback on how the speakers could improve their skills for future challenges.

Roozbeh as Time Keeper completed his assignment by saying the quote “The bad news is that time flies, The good news is that you’re the pilot”, and he delivered the timing report for each of the pilots!

In Toastmaster everything gets evaluated. Our General Evaluator was Marlene who brought her corporate experience to the meeting and provided a comprehensive evaluation.

The next club meeting is 16/08/2016 in which we will hold our Table Topics and Humorous speech contests. This is an opportunity for all members to compete at club level. It’s time to get outside our comfort zone and have a crack.

Central Park Toastmasters Club is a community club – anyone is welcome to come along and see what we do.

Roozbeh Fakharinia – VP Public Relations

The Art Of Thinking Independently Together

Meeting – 21 June 2016

The theme of our meeting was ‘diversity’ “the art of thinking independently together”
Toastmaster Sue was organised and professional which ensured our meeting was the same!

Apologies were received from Vaughan, Celestyna, Marlene and Phil.

Grammarian Clinton challenged us to use the word(s) of the day ‘Mixed Bag’ giving us examples of how we might do that and reminding us he was looking for good word usage whilst minding the ums and ahhhs!

Thought provoking speeches were delivered by Roosbeh, Jeremy and Steve on a diverse range of subjects from advancements in technology to why driving on the right hand side in a left hand drive vehicle holds so many benefits topped off by a warning that the ‘P’ epidemic is going to make leaky homes look minor in comparison.

A rollicking Table Topics session followed the continental breakfast break as Table Topics ‘Mistress?’ Asma challenged our lucky recipients to talk about how diversity affected a wide range of topics.

As we know everything in Toastmasters is evaluated and our speech evaluators John, Clinton and Marieke were warm, encouraging and informative assisting our speakers by using the CRC method to boost confidence whilst skilfully providing ideas for improvement.

Table Topics evaluating duo Ruth and Elah were also insightful and accurate delivering succinct helpful summations of the TT contributions.

General Evaluator Eric summarised the meeting fully managing to evaluate all those who had not received feedback in his usual enthusiastic and infectious manner.

So in summary, a diverse mixed bag of a meeting demonstrating all that is good about Toastmasters and our amazing Central Park Club.

Can’t wait for the next meeting on Tuesday 5th July same time, same place, see you there, or if you are reading this as a prospective Toastmaster thinking shall I/shan’t I ?….why not join us!!

Past President Clinton