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Another exciting Toastmasters meeting

Meeting – 30 August 2016

The coffee was brewed and the toast cooking as our members gathered for another exciting fortnightly Toastmasters meeting.

Eric, our Toastmaster, started the meeting following a welcome from the club President, Steve. Steve welcomed Raphael as a guest and noted that he had come for a 2nd visit so it was good to know that he hadn’t been scared off.

Roozbeh was Grammarian for the day and his word of the day was “resolute”. The point of this is to encourage everyone to use the WOD and embrace the ongoing opportunities to add to our vocabulary.  Roozbeh’s role was to listen for ums and ah’s and any interesting word or phrase usage.

The first part of our meeting had 2 very good speakers delivering speeches from their manuals. Both speeches were entertaining and informative and very good examples of different ways to present. Sue took the opportunity to conduct a farewell speech to very close relatives and Jeremy gave a business briefing relating to paying tolls on roads. Both very thought provoking. Our 3rd speaker was Clinton delivering an overview of what being a member of Toastmasters is all about.

After a brief 5 minute break the 2nd part of the meeting included Table Topics which are a great opportunity to speak in an impromptu manner whilst using Toastmasters tips and tricks to deliver an interesting 1 minute speech.

Everything is evaluated so all the above were followed by peer evaluations and recommendations for development.

As usual a great meeting that was fun and informative and an excellent start to the day.

Why not join us at our next meeting on Tues 13 September at 0700. See you there?

Ruth Turnbull 

The Art Of Thinking Independently Together

Meeting – 21 June 2016

The theme of our meeting was ‘diversity’ “the art of thinking independently together”
Toastmaster Sue was organised and professional which ensured our meeting was the same!

Apologies were received from Vaughan, Celestyna, Marlene and Phil.

Grammarian Clinton challenged us to use the word(s) of the day ‘Mixed Bag’ giving us examples of how we might do that and reminding us he was looking for good word usage whilst minding the ums and ahhhs!

Thought provoking speeches were delivered by Roosbeh, Jeremy and Steve on a diverse range of subjects from advancements in technology to why driving on the right hand side in a left hand drive vehicle holds so many benefits topped off by a warning that the ‘P’ epidemic is going to make leaky homes look minor in comparison.

A rollicking Table Topics session followed the continental breakfast break as Table Topics ‘Mistress?’ Asma challenged our lucky recipients to talk about how diversity affected a wide range of topics.

As we know everything in Toastmasters is evaluated and our speech evaluators John, Clinton and Marieke were warm, encouraging and informative assisting our speakers by using the CRC method to boost confidence whilst skilfully providing ideas for improvement.

Table Topics evaluating duo Ruth and Elah were also insightful and accurate delivering succinct helpful summations of the TT contributions.

General Evaluator Eric summarised the meeting fully managing to evaluate all those who had not received feedback in his usual enthusiastic and infectious manner.

So in summary, a diverse mixed bag of a meeting demonstrating all that is good about Toastmasters and our amazing Central Park Club.

Can’t wait for the next meeting on Tuesday 5th July same time, same place, see you there, or if you are reading this as a prospective Toastmaster thinking shall I/shan’t I ?….why not join us!!

Past President Clinton 

Attitude determines altitude

Meeting – Tuesday 9 July 2013
Today’s meeting was infused with attitude and enthusiasm. Mohammed carried himself with great professionalism and humour, especially when he was referred to as Madam Toastmaster. Well done for fostering a great environment for learning and fun. Nice too see special guest Kylee come along to the club too.

We were blown away by first time speakers, Phil and Nicholas. Phil drew on personal experience to prove the power of words and Nicholas delivered the theatrics of a thrilling ice breaker – his life journey. Both speeches were evaluated by Nadene and Jo respectively.

Special thanks to our role holders: Ruth our table topics master, TT evaluators Marieke and Jeremy, Grammarian Steve D for Word of the Day ‘Woot’, Steve T and his trusty stop watch, Jo & Ben for general evaluations and last but not least our Sergeant at Arms for breakky (legend!). Nice work team! Bring on the week! See you at the next meeting!

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Meeting – Tuesday 25 June 2013

Today’s meeting was all about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Clinton showed no signs of fear filling in the President and Toastmaster roles at short notice and ran a smooth show. A solid performance by Jonesey!

Nadene put a whole new spin on table topics as she set up our speakers with a box and a scenario. A very creative way to  challenge our speakers. Some of the highlights included:  everyone hanging in suspense when Nicholas came across a mysterious, green box in the middle of a forest, Brenda sharing her discovery after fumbling around in an old shoe box, Clinton pulling out loads of recycled packaging paper to climax with a small pig, Cassia describing what appeared to be a creepy crawly item hanging behind her head. Special thanks to evaluators Ruth and Glenn F for providing great feedback.

First of our two formal speakers was John. He took us into the kitchen showroom to present a fabulous range of kitchen design package. He demonstrated some strong sales techniques. Special guest Bianca was invited to participate in the sales pitch as a potential buyer.  Phil G assessed John’s speech and gave his first evaluation at the club – well done!

Next up, we had Ben with “Forget about falling” which was delivered in line with today’s theme: feel the fear and do it anyway. His objective was to entertain and inspire by using personal experience. His key message was for people to focus on flying and not on falling (The fear of failure). Thanks to Steve D for presenting a thorough evaluation.

Also, special thanks to our general evaluator Marlene for her commentary on the meeting.

Congratulations to the new executive committee members who were all voted in by the club:

  • President – Brenda Newth
  • VP Education – Marieke van der Heijden
  • VP Membership – Steve Daly
  • VP Public Relations – Cassia Bennett-Burkhardt
  • Secretary – Ruth Turnbull
  • Treasurer – Jo Sutherland
  • Sergeant-At-Arms – John van Doormaal

Special thanks to Jo for an outstanding term as club president. She has been a fantastic leader at the helm.

See you at the next meeting on Tuesday 9 July. Onwards and upwards!

Meeting – Tuesday 11 June 2013

Theme: Challenges
Word of the Day:

Toastmaster Steve D lead a tenacious bunch of go-getters this morning. The room was booming with laughter and learning!

Nadene provided some funny subject matter for the table topics round. Steve T shared his fatherly advice for the Argentinian boyfriend who would pick up his daughter, John spoke on the importance of toilet seat etiquette (when to leave the seat up or down), Phil was assigned to speak on what to do when you see something stuck in someone else’s teeth, Brenda shared her frustration with left over toilet paper rolls, and Jo spoke about the one who rules the TV remote in her house – her dog!

After a 10 minute recess at half time, we were back into the speeches. Dave opened with his 10th assignment entitled “Yes you can” which inspired and made us laugh. In his speech “Everybody communicates – few people connect.”  Eric shared some fantastic and ‘funner’ pointers about making better connections with people. And Jeremy wowed us with his amazing feat – swimming the Sharkfest Alcatraz event in San Francisco and using effective PPT slide visuals to tell his story.

Special thanks to all of our evaluators, Clinton, Mohammed, Phil, Jo, Brenda and Cassia – for providing everyone with constructive feedback.

Well done everyone for rising to the challenge – see you next time!